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❦ Park Jinyoung xx

❦ passionate kiss / jinyoung / 371 words

Jinyoung paces the length of the room, lower lip caught between his teeth; you sit on the edge of the bed in silence.

"If you could just listen—

"I’m listening," he pinches the bridge of his nose, cutting you off.

Sighing, you stand up and grab his wrist. You can’t even remember what fueled this argument in the first place; all you know is that one thing led to another and now your mind is in a haze and quite frankly, you’re getting tired of all this pointless fighting.

"Look," you say, exasperated. "Let’s just stop fighting, okay? Today was supposed to be your day off and all we’ve done so far is bicker."

He tugs his arm out of your grip and turns around so his back is facing you. You can tell that he’s trying his best not to raise his voice at you.

"You think I wanted this to happen? You were the one who started this in the first place," he mutters.

You grab his wrist and turn him back to you and, sick of this wrangling, crash your lips onto his. It doesn’t take long for him to kiss you back once he recovers from the initial shock, hands immediately finding your hips.

The kiss is fast and hungry, sending your mind reeling as Jinyoung backs you up onto the bed. The back of your knees hit the edge of the mattress as you’re forced to fall backwards, throwing your arms around his neck for support. He doesn’t let your lips leave his as he grips the back of your neck to deepen it, hovering over your body. You balance yourself on your elbows and fail to suppress the soft groan that escapes your lips.

He pulls away, but only for a brief moment to connect his lips back with yours, tilting his face to change angles and reach deeper into your mouth.

"Jinyoung," you try to say through the kisses he’s giving you, "we’re… we’re supposed to be fighting."

He pulls away slowly, a soft expression lingering in his eyes. And for a moment, you think he’s going to apologize until you see his lips twitch into a smirk.

"You’re the one who started it."

I guess everyone has their own personal problem, their own addiction, their own thing that is self destructive and that they don’t feel like they can’t escape from.
But you have to get out of it, no matter what it takes. Make radical changes and fight because it is the thing you have to do, you can’t keep going like this.
And the life you’ll earn will be worth the fight.
—  Drunk people tell the truth - a friend about getting out of his drug problem

The product of a full day of procastination.

Older!Hiro in his gear. I changed it slightly because creative licence and stuff. I think he should keep the microbots as his own superhero-weapon. They are his in the first place and everyone else has a suit based on their abilities after all.

Tadashi has Baymax instead.

Because in all my AUs he lives.

So much purple…