Requested: Must haves for sky’s style (shoe edition)

Top row: ceremony boot, blackfive, nike
Middle row: doc martens,converse,creepers
Bottom row: Steve Madden, blackfive(boots), h&m(sneakers), river island (platform heels), Charlotte Russe(lace-up booties)

The key to sky’s style is that she wears a lot of black and chunky boots. Most of her shoes are vintage too.


I still feel like I’m constantly trying to prove to people that I have integrity and I am an artist and I am not like a puppet. The thing is, people actually want me to be one. I don’t want to put that message out into the world. I feel like there’s enough of that out there and that was kind of a big issue.I remember people kept telling me I was difficult, like not the people I worked with, but record label people. They thought I was crazy and difficult when I wasn’t. I just didn’t want to completely sell-out. I wasn’t willing to do everything they wanted me to do because that wasn’t me and I didn’t want to lie and fake something for the rest of my life. Once you do that, there’s no turning back.

Black life isn’t devalued by police just here in the US. And the shooting death of Cláudia da Silva Ferreira and subsequent dragging of her body by police back in March is a gruesome example. During a “cleaning operation” by the #militarypolice in #Rio De Janeiro against drug trafficking, #Ferreira was hit by a stray police bullet, she was then placed in the trunk of a police van and while in route to the hospital, her body fell out of the vehicle twice and dragged for meters.(top left pic, sry for graphic image) This event cause a major uproar with protests, riots, and concerns about militarized police and racism…just as we’re seeing now in #Ferguson.
Cláudia was mistaken for a criminal but in reality she was a working mother of four children and 4 nieces and wife of over 20 years that she leaves behind.
Different language, different culture. Same history, same struggle. #diaspora