Yesterday a picture of me was stolen from my Instagram by a complete stranger. The photo is me trying on a dress while out with my friends, but this complete stranger not only posted it to his account without my consent, he also added an extremely offensive and graphic caption, along with similar comments directed to me on either my photos or other accounts which I look through frequently. His account is full of pictures of young girls, I don’t know whether they gave consent but I know for a fact that since I started reporting his account he has targeted people sticking up for me. He also insisted to others that I wanted the pictures there and blocked me so I could not tell them the truth. I am 15 years old and this person is in full knowledge of this. My Instagram can be found in my blog bio, his is g.21.6. Please help me by reporting my picture, which can be identified from my account and reporting his entire page so this doesn’t happen to any more girls, and please reblog to spread the message. This person needs to be taught a lesson. Please reblog instead of liking, and if you must like it then please reblog too


8 reasons why Peggy Olson is the coolest feminist on TV 

Through seven seasons of Mad Men, we’ve seen Peggy Olson (played by Elisabeth Moss) bloom from being a nervous and naïve secretary into a strong, powerful copy chief. She’s stood up for her rights as a woman to progress in her workplace, balancing her ambition with the changing times of the 1960s. All the ways she’s been ahead of the times.

The signs as blog types

Aries: emo/black and white

Taurus: inspirational quotes


Cancer: Superwholock

Leo: art blog

Virgo: ask _____ character something!

Libra: rp blog

Scorpio: just reblogs stuff and never actually makes original posts

Sagittarius: feminist blog

Capricorn: mental health- depression, anxiety, etc.- help blog (thank you.)

Aquarius: memes. memes everywhere.

Pisces: horror blog (like sixpenceee)


Endless list of beautiful cinematography
A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)
Director of Photography: Harry Stradling Sr.

Dear feminists,

When I was 13 and I walked into my first class of my new school and a guy came up to me and touched my boobs I did not feel the need to scream “rape” at the top of my lungs and spray him with pepper spray. 

When the same guy repeatedly slapped my ass throughout the two years I knew him I did not feel the need to scream bloody murder and get him expelled from school.

When the same guy beat me up for no reason I didn’t try and make a public appeal to doxx him and plan his murder.

What he did was gross and wrong but at least I have some brain cells that work. Yelling false rape, pepper spray, violence and doxxing are NOT the answer. 

1. Because 1 out of 6 females will be the victim of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault.

2. Because American Indian/Alaskan women are TWICE as likely to experience rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault.

3. Because 1 in 33 men have been through a completed rape, or an attempted rape.

4. Because out of 100%, only 32% of rapes are reported.

5. Because 98% of rapists will never step foot in a jail or prison for the rape they committed.

6. Because more than 5% of girls in grades 5-12 have said they have been sexually assaulted.

7. Because 15% of children under the age of 12 have been the victim of sexual assault or rape.

8. Because young ladies the age of 16-19 are FOUR times more likely to experience a rape/sexual assault/attempted rape than the general population.

9. Because 93% of underage rape victims were familiar with their attacker.

10. Because in the U.S., the average amount of sexual assault per year to human beings 12 years or older is close to 300,000.

11. Because out of every 100 rapes, only 2 rapists will spend time in prison.

12. Because more than 50% of all sexual assaults have taken place at the victim’s home or have happened within 1 mile of the victim’s home.

[SOURCE: https://www.rainn.org/statistics]

—  When somebody says “Why are you being so problematic?”

Endless list of beautiful cinematography
A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) - The Best of Marlon Brando
Director of Photography: Harry Stradling Sr.

  • Conservatives:"I have a right to guns! I know guns are present in most robberies/murders.. but I want my guns! I don't want to, but I want to be able to rob a store/murder if I want. I want the option! I want the choice!"
  • Women:"ok cool but can abortions plz be legal cuz someone I love or myself might get into a situation where I'll need one. can I have the choice?"
  • Conservatives:"what!! no! that's murder!"
  • 😑

so, even if meninism was just a “parody of feminism” (which it is not, ‘meninist’ was coined by a parody MRA twitter account) it wouldn’t fuckin excuse it from how misogynistic it is??? like if you “parody” the civil rights movement by insisting that white people are far more disadvantaged than black people you’d still be racist REGARDLESS of what guise you try to hide your behavior under?? if you “parody” the gay rights movement by implying that fighting for certain basic rights is irrational, you’d still be fuckin awful and homophobic?? 

tldr; stop using the “parody” excuse to say “i know you are but what am i” to feminists, garbage is still garbage