Female fronted bands confessions

About My Upcoming Video

Recently I saw a post on the female fronted band confessions blog about not wanting to listen to Evanescence because of the way some of their fans act. I, admittedly, used to be one of the kind of Evanescence fans that would inadvertently drive people away from the band. I have matured since then and wish for others to do the same. Hence, I was inspired to make a video directed towards those fans.

In the video, I poke fun at the way some Evanescence fans act. Like I said, I used to act the way they do so I’m making fun of myself as much as I’m making fun of them.

Since I don’t have a review prepared for Wednesday, this video will be uploaded as a replacement. I can’t wait for you guys to see; I had a lot of fun making it!


Sometimes, I see the cattiness here and I want to go somewhere more positive. Then I think about the women we’re talking about. I think about Taylor Momsen praising Amy lee as one of her early idols before opening for Evanescence. I think about Amy and Lzzy Hale performing on stage together. Tarja, Anette, and Floor all being positive towards each other, even though so much drama is attributed to Nightwish. Elize Ryd either performing with her contemporaries, or praising them in interviews. Christina Scabbia and Simone congratulating Amy Lee on her baby. Simone and Floor performing together, even though they were in different Mark Jansen bands, which could have made them dislike each other. Manuela and Lacey making hugely positive statements about the people who replaced them in their former bands. Then I realize that there is a ton that is here that is positive, and it’s worth sticking around . I think that we can learn a lot from these incredible women!


I feel so conflicted when I hear arguments about female vocalists being sexualized (Maria Brink & Taylor Momsen come to mind, but I know there are others). On the one hand I understand why people think they’re portraying women as sexual objects and all the arguments that say they’re only popular due to their sexual image. But on the other hand I listen to In This Moment’s music and think “fuck yeah! You’re so awesome, you can wear whatever the hell you want because you’re empowered and don’t care what anyone thinks!! Keep up the good work!!”. For that reason I look up to Maria. Not because her influence has told me I should walk around half naked, but because she portrays confidence and is comfortable to do what she likes regardless what anyone else thinks.