It’s been almost three years, and to this day, when I am 3,000 miles away from where you are, I still think I see you. You sneak into stranger’s shoes, just long enough to catch glimpses of you in their laughter, and leave quick enough for me to say anything. I don’t want to tell you I miss you.
He’s great. We get Taco Bell on Sunday mornings, and wander the streets as soon as the sun goes to sleep. Yes, I even think I’m falling for him. But we kiss in different rhythms, and I can never seem to be what he’s looking for all the time. Both of our hearts are halfway here, still stuck in the wonderlands of what used to be. And now I get it, how much it must hurt to look at someone, and love them, but so much softer than how we’d break each other’s eardrums with our whispers; how we’d dive to the bottom of the ocean and spread our bodies out like starfish. I know how every book has told me it’s not possible to love more than one person; there’s always one who’s name you linger over a little longer. If that’s the case, my mouth has been tripping over yours ever since, and I’m not willing to learn who to stand back up.
—  daisylongmile  ”I guess the first time you fall in love is different. I can’t ever seem to get him off my mind, when I know I’m not on his, no matter how long it’s been since he left the last time….”

anonymous said:

I would make more QRs for guys but what do guys even wear other than formal clothes and band tshirts??? hoodies sometimes??? I've never seen a guy