Please read Matthew 19 and pray about it. Here’s a bit from The One Year Praying Through the Bible. Blessed by this reminder :)

God has always valued children and has invited them into vital, prayerful communication with Him that they can maintain throughout their lives. He responds to children’s prayer groups and answers the simple requests of an individual child. Are you welcoming the children you parent or teach to Jesus? Are you praying with them and teaching them to pray so that they will know God and not just know about Him? Ask for His help. Model a vibrant prayer life with God yourself. Pray fervently for these children. Ask God to help them see Jesus in you. Teach them all you know about their heavenly Father. Do all you can to bring them to the One who loves them even more than you do.” — The One Year Praying Through the Bible

Election Day
  • 8-year old:Dad, what’s election day?
  • Dad:Well, it’s when you get to vote on who you think should be in charge of the government.
  • 8-year old:So everyone gets to vote?
  • Dad:Once you’re old enough, you get to vote.
  • 8-year old:How do they decide who represents each party? It’s a two party system, but because of gerrymandering by state legislatures, isn’t it true that incumbents have a huge advantage and rarely get voted out of office?
  • Dad:Yes, that is a problem.
  • 8-year old:And can the Republicans credibly maintain that gridlock will end if they take over the Senate, given that they will hold a slim majority and anything they pass will be subject to President Obama’s veto power?
  • Dad:Yes, that’s probably just spin.
  • 8-year old:I love spinning! Wheeeee!
  • Dad:Spinning sure is fun.
  • 8-year old:Dad, can I have a piece of my Halloween candy?
  • Dad:I don’t think that’s a good idea. You’ve had a few pieces already today.
  • 8-year old:Dad, isn’t this an argument about personal responsibility? If I have to rely on Big Government to decide everything for me, don’t we run the risk of creating a culture of dependence? What’s next? The re-distribution of my candy? Socialism? Where do we draw the line on FREEDOM?
  • Dad:No one is saying you can’t have any candy. But it’s my responsibility to make sure you don’t have too much at once and feel sick.
  • 8-year old:Ah, the “nanny state”
  • Dad:This doesn’t seem remotely like a realistic dialogue between a dad and an 8-year old…
  • 8-year old:Ah! The tyranny of low expectations!

For more than 2 years - this beautiful girl has napped on my chest. I used to try to sneak away and the frustration of waking her up used to drive me nuts.

Even when I would sneak away successfully - she wouldn’t nap half as long. 

Eventually, I decided to allow it everyday. And the only regret I have is not doing it this way from the start.