My sketch of Finn in leather jacket, series 1 of My Mad Fat Diary, when Rae says “Finn - the list isn’t that long.” I wanted to draw this in pencil, but very heavy, like a cartoon strip style. I used a 4B pencil. I just think Nico looks very iconic in that leather jacket. Like a 50’s movie star. I also love the way he’s looking over his shoulder at Rae. You begin to get a sense that what she thinks of him actually matters to him. There is that sexy edge of vulnerability in Nico’s eyes, that catches our heartstrings every time.


Once again my brother, lol. Annnnnd MILLY!! <.<

He put her in there and she didn’t freak out or anything…in fact at one point she snuggled into it more. X3

That’s my dog daisy and yes SHE IS AN ATTENTION WHORE. Annnd that’s my lovely mother <3 <.< Enjoy.

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Rien que pour la danse au début …

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Monday morning, seven o’clock in the morning. More like that day i never wish to come after as shaky crazy-ass weekend i spent at Barbi’s place drinking, snorting, dancing, screaming and basically fucking my way up to the top like theres’s no tomorrow, hey actually that’s what i almost do daily since i moved to this city and it’s not that planned it. Is it that i’m surounded by rockers, strippers, dealers and hookers? it looks like they live by this kind of messy way. I don’t know about them but i do know the consecuenses of this, i’m actually having one. ”Shit.” i curse in silence as i groan and scratch the back of my head and sit slowly as i’m still in the flat matress thrown on the living room’s floor yes i sleep there cuz that’s the appartment i share with my other friend i scaped with from Brooklyn. This pain feels like some bald fat huge biker smashed my head directly against the wall thousand times or more, how did i ever make it to come back home last night?, i shake my head as i keep sitting here refusing to get up. Funniest part is that…i still don’t care as much as i perfectly know the consecuences of grabbing a reckless lifestyle for myself, i swear, but fuck it i surely know where to stop and where not to. I can handle and take care of myself even though i’m still sixteen.

After a brief moment of procrastination i finally get up from the matress and push the messy parts of my hair behind my ears, i rub my eyes after covering my back, arms and shoulders with this mint-colored floral shawl my aunt Val gave to me and i look through the window, sun rays crash through the streets outside covered in trash pieces at some places and a stray dog walks through them, a little flashback runs through my mind about a five-year old me and my mum as we sit somewhere in the Coney Island park and eat ice cream, that was the first time i went there… My mind goes back to earth then and i shake my head, you can’t tell i miss home sometimes.

Before i get late at job for the second time i quickly walk towards the couch where our suitcases are with our clothes scrambled all over the furniture like vomit over a floor. I don’t even know which one is clean and which one isn’t fuck i need to clean this place soon!. Mmmmhmm what to wear this time?, got it: this Van Halen shirt that shows my belly and these denim bell bottoms, something casual yet i still look fab, i run towards the bathroom with my picked outfit and a towell, take a quick needed shower that makes me feel more awake and able to deal easily with this headache, then i dress up, i don’t even dry my hair this time because i’m too lazy for it honestly, i get out of the bathroom once i’m ready and apply eyeliner in my eyes which it becomes my today’s makeup, ohh where’s my backpack?..i look through everywhere looking for it oh there it is!, my eyes awkwardly stop as i notice it’s over Glady’s bum who didn’t make it to the bed and passed out at the floor, what a loser. I silently laugh as i get down to carefully pick it up and to not wake her up, i hang it on my shoulder and now i’m ready to go. I walk outside through the sidewalk as my hand wander through my backpack, the pack of cigs Gladys bought me, my wallet, my fake ID, my new cassetes of Ratt, Quiet Riot and Blondie and my walkman! yes i was looking for this one!, i grin in relief i take the device out and place the headphones on my ears.

Dead End Justice by The Runaways plays on aka my anthem, a soft smirk is on my thin lips as i shake my head to its beat, on my way to work feeling naturally badass and this is already a nice day.