Five Years Later

Our fifth anniversary is a week away. Sarah and I have been married nearly five years. We’re supposed to give each other gifts made of wood. That’s what wikipedia says. Wood or silverware. I have no ideas. But I do have a few bottles of the Upright Anniversary Saison

For their fifth anniversary, the team at Upright used every trick i their book to infuse a beer with as much flavor as possible. They used fruit, barrel aging – both gin and wine barrels, wild yeast, and blending to make a saison of incredible depth.

After sitting in the bottle a year, this beer is even better than it started. The scent is all lemony and fresh. The big, rocky head and creamy body are evidence of the slow maturation of wild yeast. It tastes like orange juice. It taste like orange juice muddled with lemongrass and gin. It’s both sour and bitter. First, a snappy bite of acid followed by a bitter center, like sucking on a cherry pit. Oh, and the Brettanomyces adds a subtle funky background.

This Anniversary Saison super complex, but perfectly balanced.