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Fanime Update week 26!

Serious edition.


Rabbit Tear (World go Boom part)

Fanime by Melty


*goes back to work  on her to-dolist*


So uh„,

I need some opinions...?

…On the movie.

"Oh god she’s going to cancel it."

No, not exactly. But the way things are going now, it’s not ever going to be finished. 

Aka, taking my time making complex animations, making clean lineart, and shading every single frame by myself is an impossible task given the fact that this is a hobby and college comes first. 

I really want to finish the movie project, simply because I’ve already put a lot of work in it, as well as my voice actors. (Some have offered their own time to redo lines a couple years after they were submitted just because they want this project to be the best it can be.) I owe them one to finish this damn thing so their work can be seen.

So I think I’m going to scrap the completely polished animations. Instead, I have a couple of other options.

A.) Still Images

I’m not too fond of this option because I don’t think it will work well with my story and genre. It could be easy… potentially. It would still require a lot of effort. 

or B.) Sketchy animations, no shading. 

This is what I would prefer. I could still do action animations, but the lineart wouldn’t be cleaned up and there wouldn’t be shading. It would clash with what I have now, but I wouldn’t change it. After all, it’s just a hobby.

The only drawback is that it would clash with any 3D animations I make… maybe. It could be a kind of interesting stylistic choice… Or weird looking. 

My purpose of doing this is to keep the stress away and to get started on the sequel (Webcomic) sooner. I really have a burning passion to get started on the sequel. I have written many pages of scripts for the manga and a couple pages have been completed/sketched. The movie’s story is pretty basic and poorly written, but the comic is going to be soooo much better. *w*

Basically, the movie could come out sooner if I do it either of the two ways listed above. What is your opinion? 

Update on Our Perilous Shadow episode 2~

So~ I haven’t started animating yet, but I’ve just finished the official script (I’ve had it drafted for a while now) and let’s just say I’m gonna be challenging myself a hell of a lot ^~^;

There’s gonna be a whole lot of complicated animation and backgrounds which may or may not kill me, so it might take a while to come out unfortunately ;n;

Also, around the school/classroom, I wanna put a whole bunch of other fanime characters in the background! So if you have a character (preferably with slightly normal hair X’D) that you’d like to be in it, please tell me/message me or something ;u;

And another thing, here in Australia, our school holidays have just started, yay~! So hopefully I’ll be able to work on OPS a lot!

Thank you~ ;w;