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Hey everyone! So I’m trying to promote these guys just a little.
I hand make rings, pendants, keychains, bracelets, dog tags, earrings, and take commissions for just about anything, so long as I can make it!

The aspect necklaces are a bit larger than a quarter, but can be made larger or smaller. I CAN MAKE OTHER ASPECTS/FANDOM SYMBOLS ON REQUEST! It does not have to be homestuck!
I can make just about any type or ring (twist, knot, thin band, thick band, ect) or bracelet you’d like, and anything with any word(s) you’d like.

You can message me over Tumblr or email me at


THEY’RE DONE!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’m so happy with how they all came out! The little sparkles inside move around slowly, so if you don’t like how they set down, you can just give the bottle a little shake! Each one comes with a little star charm, too!

I currently only have one of each in my shop (except Steven - I have two versions of him, star and round bottles), but if you can’t find the one you want, just send me a message on Etsy asking for a custom order! You can do that by clicking the big blue “Request Custom Order” button on my shop’s front page, on the left! I’ll see if I have enough materials to make you another one <3 Hopefully though, you’ll manage to snatch the one you want before anyone else! >u<

Frozen Crafts: { SHOP } { YOUTUBE }


Crystal Gem Bubbles

They’re finally done!  I love fandom jewelry/clothing, and thought crystal gem inspired terrariums would be a cool thing to make for Steven Universe.  Each necklace is a little more than an inch tall, and is full of gem-ish knicknacks.  The stones themselves were surprisingly tough to find and I ended up having to buy a few of each - so if you’re interested in having one of the extras you can find rest at our Storenvy.

And for those who are wondering about Jasper, here it is, just for you:


The Sherlock Statement necklace is FINALLY back in stock!!!

And with a super exciting extra feature - choose exactly the charms you want to put on it, and get a truly special necklace - specially made, just for you!

You can choose to buy the necklace “as is” or simply let us know which 28 charms you want included on your necklace for your very own customised Sherlock statement piece. 

Please be aware that some of the charms are quite low in stock (for example the microscopes - we’ll try our best to get more though!), so get yours while they last! If your purchase depends on a particular charm being in stock, please send us a message either here or on Etsy to make sure we still have it and can put it away for you before paying. 

Sherlock statement necklace | Otterly Design on Etsy | Otterly Design on Instagram | 


These are the Once Upon A Time necklaces that I made.

The first one is more of a general OUAT necklace. The story book is a locket, so I put pictures of Emma & Killian in it because they are my ultimate OTP. The Once Upon A Time charm has Happily Ever After on the back, as you can see.

The bottom left is my Captain Swan necklace, with a crown and a pirate sword for our beloved Princess & Pirate.

Last but not least the bottom right is my Outlaw Queen necklace with the iconic poisoned apple and an arrow for our beloved Queen & Outlaw. 

All of these charms were purchased at Hobby Lobby. There is an entire Fairy Tale charm collection.

I’m so excited to have fandom jewelry. :D

Deathshipping  requested by bruhkomaeda

I was in a fluff mood, don’t ask. 

Ayy, It was hard for me to choose between Deathshipping and Tendershipping but apparently, the former took the spot. There’s a need for more Deathshipping fanart, you know?  (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

This ship has an eerie but exotic charm (if done in a certain way) that really intrigues me or maybe it’s just my dysfunctional taste in shipping, oh well.

 ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭



We’ve just put up several new perks on our Indiegogo page and you should GO CHECK THEM OUT! 

We’ve got mind-bogglingly amazing custom knitting from roadrhythm

A marvelicious Hawkeye wallet from nerdwegian!

Fandom inspired necklace and earring sets from spaggel

Custom made plushies from greenbryn

Hogwarts house scarves (or crossover houses!) from k8monster

Aaaaaand! Small, post card sized commissions from ordinaryink! With actual post cards! OH MY GOD. 

With all this amazingness, how could you possibly stay away? Come on down to the Indiegogo! 

Now. Do it now. 


Today’s featured design is Fandom Explosion! A Multi Fandom Pendant.

The main pendant features (going clockwise from the top) Percy Jackson, Divergent, Mortal Instruments, and Hunger Games symbols with the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows symbol in the center, while the dangling charms from the bottom represent (left to right) Sherlock, Supernatural, and Doctor Who.  The necklace costs $28 USD.

Just a reminder that if you love the design but aren’t really a necklace person I’m happy to process a custom order turning this bad boy into a keychain or bag clip for you!  Stop on by Mazikeen Studios on Etsy, send me a custom order request, and I’ll slap these awesome pendants on a key ring just for you!

While you’re there, feel free to take a look around and see our other multi fandom jewelry.  Multi-fandom blogger?  No problem; we have designs for Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who, and other fandoms too.

Deathly Hallows  necklace by Krinna Handmade.

“The Elder Wand,” he said, and he drew a straight vertical line on the parchment. “The Resurrection Stone,” he said, and he added a circle on top of the line. “The Cloak of Invisibility,” he finished, enclosing both line and circle in a triangle, to make the symbol that so intrigued Hermione. “Together,” he said, “the Deathly Hallows.”
—Xenophilius Lovegood

The Deathly Hallows are three highly powerful magical objects supposedly created by Death and given to each of three brothers in the Peverell family. They consisted of the Elder Wand, an immensely powerful wand that was considered undefeatable; the Resurrection Stone, a stone which could summon the spirits of the dead, and the Cloak of Invisibility, which, as its name suggests, renders the user completely invisible. According to the story, both Antioch Peverell (owner of the Wand) and Cadmus Peverell (owner of the Stone) came to bad ends. However, Ignotus Peverell’s wisdom in requesting the Cloak was rewarded.

According to legend, he who possesses these three artefacts would become the Master of Death. Dumbledore told Harry that he and another wizard, Gellert Grindelwald took this to mean that the uniter of the Deathly Hallows would be invincible. The story of the Deathly Hallows was originally told by Beedle the Bard and subsequently passed from family to family as a wizard fairytale. Few wizards ever realised that the Deathly Hallows were genuine items. Most people thought that there were things that Beedle had made up to entertain young wizards and witches.
Made prom polymer clay to look like mossy wood, completely handmade. 3 cm in diameter

Back side is flat.

If you have specific wishes about the details, specify them when ordering.
PayPal only, please!

- Please give an allowance for slight difference in size, shape and tint since each piece is individually handmade.
- Each purchase comes carefully packaged and is ready to be a gift.
-Please note that real colors may slightly differ from their appearance on your display.


Today’s design, a Destiel inspired necklace, is (another) one of my personal favorites in addition to being one of my most popular designs!

The angel wings are super detailed, and the tiny peweter impala charm is probably my favorite out of all the charms in my collection.  The necklace also includes an angel blade charm and a Colt charm complete with tiny bullet!

Priced at $25.00 plus shipping it is super affordable for the high quality of the components (which I got at a steal!).  Feel free to stop by Mazikeen Studios on Etsy and grab one for yourself!