Fan Expo Canada

Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill on Alex Kingston (Fan Expo Canada)
  • Fan:Who was your favorite person [to work] with on Doctor Who?
  • Matt:Each other. Or K-face...I think ultimately, we were sort of spoiled with each other...
  • Alex, as well.
  • Matt:Alex Kingston, very. The most sensational flirt on the planet, bar no one.
  • Arthur:With everyone.
  • Matt:Yeah, even with herself in the mirror. It's incredible to witness.
  • Arthur and Matt:*laughing*

oh my god i just asked matt about eleven/river and he said that he thinks they have a very special something and if he sees capaldi with river he will “bang his fists on the table” and he adores alex and she’s “like a dream” and “everything you’d think she would be” and told a story of how she took him and karen out to dinner in cardiff and gave them advice and he said she’s really motherly but also incredibly sexy!!!!!!!!!!! i’m dead



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Oh, [Alex Kingston] is an absolute dream. She’s everything you’d want her to be. The most sensational flirt on the planet. There’s just no one better and if she goes and appears with Capaldi, I will bang the tables with my fists. No, I like to think that 11 and River had a particularly special relationship, and Alex, she was so great to me, she was such a good friend, and really helped me through it. And me and Karen, I’ll never forget it, we sat in this restaurant in Cardiff Bay called Woods…and we were sat at dinner, and this was before we’d filmed anything, and she looked at me and Karen, and she was like ‘You two have no idea what’s going to happen to you do you?’ And we were like ‘What do you mean?’ She’s like, ‘You won’t be able to walk around this place.’ And we were like ‘Oh, we’ll be fine.’ And she just really gave us good advice and was kind. She’s very motherly and sexy!
—  Matt Smith on Alex Kingston and 11/River (x)