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Hi, could I get Takoa comforting his s/o who is frustrated and upset after having a falling out with her parents regarding her future? thank you for the time :)

Takao practically jumps on his seat when he hears the loud knocking on the door of his apartment, only to rise up from the sofa he was previously sprawled on and race to the hall. He hesitates a bit before opening up, mainly because it’s currently 2 AM and he should probably be sleeping anyway, and there’s also a raging storm outside who’s supposed to discourage any late night visitor.
However, when he hears a second loud (really, really loud) bang he follows his gut and slams the door open, not sure of what expression to wear. 
You’re standing on his welcome mat completely soaked, hair sticking to your forehead and lips shaking in the cold winter air. 
“____-chan?!” he gasps, inhaling sharply as he holds the door open for you and watches your trembling figure march inside. “Takao-kun…” you begin, but he quickly pushes you towards the bathroom and throws a clean towel on your head. “Hold on, I’m gonna get you one of my hoodies.” he announces, returning five minutes later with a colorful change of clothes.
“I’ll wait in the kitchen, okay?” he simply says, leaving you alone in the room.

It takes you twenty minutes to get changed, dry your hair and walk in the kitchen. You find Takao sitting directly on the table, a warm cup of cocoa resting between his hands. “Want some?” he offers, eyeing your expression in a blatant attempt to read it. You shake your head and sit on one of the plastic chairs surrounding the table and, without so much of a warning, you start blurting out apologies mixed with half explanations, not really knowing where to start.

“Whoa there, slow down!” he chuckles, placing his cup on the table before hopping off and crouching right in front of you. “Tell me what happened first, you don’t need to apologise.” he states sweetly, smiling fondly at the way your eyes widen in gratitude. 

“I had a fight with my parents. A pretty bad one.” you explain, shaking your head at the memory. “They questioned my future choices, Takao. They think they know better than me! Me!” 

Takao nods understandingly, taking your hands in his. “Well, they’re just dumb.” he remarks, closing his eyes and lifting up his chin in what’s supposed to be a solemn gesture. You snort a bit in spite of the tears still stuck in your lashes. 

“Ne, ____-chan?”

“What is it, Takao?” 

“Has anyone told you you look oddly pretty with wet hair?”

You roll your eyes and silence him with a half-hearted glare, finally smiling when he laughs out loud and hugs you tight while burying his forehead in the nape of your neck. 

“I’m always here for you if you need me, ___-chan.”

parents who act like the friendliest, most lovable sweethearts you’ll ever meet in front of others but then treat their children like shit as soon as nobody else is around deserve to be punched in the throat

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I'm really sorry about your messages but could I get comfort? My dad is always yelling at me and I'm the kind of person that cries when I'm stressed or angry so when I try to defend myself, I can't stop from crying. He calls me a crybaby and worthless and all these things that makes my depression even worse.We've been in a lot of arguments lately and because of that, him and my mom get into arguments and I hear their screaming. Could I possibly get comfort from Aomine, Murasakibara, and Kuroko?

Aomine was absolutely, one hundred percent done with your dad’s behaviour. He tried to keep calm at first, he really did, but when you called him crying for the umpteenth time he simply had enough. After making sure you were home, he quickly grabbed his jacket and marched to your house with a thick aura of anger and frustration surrounding his big figure. He knocked once, then twice, then again and again until your father opened up with a threatening expression plastered all over this face, which was exactly the same face Aomine was displaying. “Yell at her again. I dare you…sir.” 

Kuroko’s nature wasn’t a violent one, not at all. He tried to keep calm about it for as long as he could while trying to support you whenever you and your dad had one of those awful fights, but even his patience had a limit. When he saw you crying in a corner of the gym during a pretty boring session of P.E, he istantly knew what was wrong. After calming you down and spending a good solid hour talking it out, he secretely decided to take action. You found him at your door that night and, in spite of your confusion, you let him in. He went straight to your dad without so much of an explanation and simply looked at him, face calm like the sky before a particularly nasty storm. “I’m taking ____-san to my house tonight. I’m sorry, but unfortunately it’s not going to be a temporary disposal.” then, turning to you, he smiled kindly before politely asking you to pack your stuff.

Murasakibara, unlike Aomine or Kuroko, didn’t go through a seemingly “calm” phase. When he first learned about your dad’s unacceptable behaviour he took a few minutes to process the information, eyes narrowing in what looked like utter concentration. It wasn’t an expression he made often, so you couldn’t decipher his intentions until he explicitly made them clear. “I’m gonna talk to ____-chin’s dad.” he stated flatly, and no matter how hard you tried to dissuade him, his determination simply blew off every single one of your attempts. 
He started making his way to your place with you trotting behind him, and twenty minutes later, your dad was looking up at a muscled giant with a terrifying aura hovering over him. “If you try to hurt ____-chin again,” he started, glancing at you from behind his shoulder, “I’m going to crush you.”

I hate to vague-blog about this because it’s not a topic I really want to delve into publicly, but I’ve been dealing with some particularly difficult family issues and a conversation I had today made me really want to say this:

When you start to see the damage someone has done to themselves because of their addictions, it is really difficult not to feel guilty - even though you know there was no way you could force them to get the help they needed. It’s also really hard when you watch them go through cycles of telling you that everything is getting better when you know it isn’t - either driven by their own denial or their desire to see you not have to worry about them. 

Do you know what sucks?

The fact that when family used to ask me ‘What do you want to do in the future?’ I used to have a confident answer so I would always say.

But now all I say is ‘I don’t know’ because Every. Single. Member. of my family has put down my dreams and made me feel like shit about them and now I’m even starting to doubt them.

It hurts too because I don’t even know if I’m going to have a future, so when they start to crush my hopes and dreams that’s literally crushing the things keeping me alive.

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Can you do something with the GoM conforting their s/o because their family treats them pretty badly and refuse to pay them school


Kuroko’s anger wasn’t loud or aggressive, it was rather silent. He was absolutely furious at your family and spent days trying to think of a way to support you. He eventually proposed to work part-time, together of course.

Kise's reaction was pretty flashy. He got mad at your parents and expressed his opinions while crying out of frustration. He tried to lend you money, but you obviously refused. “Then I'll help you find a job, ____-cchi!”

Aomine didn’t stop to think about how to effectively help you or comfort you, he just cursed loudly right in the face of your parents, not really caring about consequences. “Your parental skills suck, fucking retards” 

Akashi’s reaction was just downright scary. He visited your parents and dryly commented on their behaviour, leaving them completely dumbfounded. His aura was beyond intimidating, so no one actually dared to speak or reply to his words. He then announced his intentions of taking care of you on their behalf, simple as that.

decided to have a logical discussion with your parents without telling you, but it didn’t really work. He sighed and gave up on diplomatic approaches, asking you to move in with his family for the time being. “We’ll figure this out when the right time comes, ____.”

Murasakibara was naive enough to believe things could be fixed just by asking your family to be nice to you, and that was exactly what he did. He was calm at first, but his expression got progressively angrier in reaction to their stupid stubborness. He resolved to drag you away from that house, not saying much.

You can be grateful that your mom works long hours to support you, but still wish she didn’t scream at you to cope with her own stress. You can be grateful that your parents aren’t the kind who’d kick you out for being gay, but still wish they supported your orientation. You can be grateful for the fact that your Dad lets you present however you want, but still want him to use the right pronouns.

The desire to be treated properly doesn’t invalidate your gratefulness for any sense of security your family does bring. “You’re so ungrateful, think of everything else I’ve done!” is a common shaming technique, and it’s something a lot of us need to work past. Your emotional health is real, it’s important, and it’s not negotiable.

So this happened today...

Upon arriving home, I promptly let our dog, Lexi, out from her cage. My sister’s bedroom is also in the basement and, seeing as I neither cared nor was responsible for the room, neglected to see the door was open. Fast forward an hour later when my sister, Jade, comes home from work to see that her leaving her door open had resulted in Lexi wandering in and snacking on whatever food Jade had left on the floor. Being the only other one in the house - and the one who had allowed Lexi her freedom - I was swiftly taken to task and yelled at. Frustrated, Jade posted the below paper on our fridge.

So I replied in like fashion.

Awaking from her nap, during which I had posted my response, my mother was quick to join the fray with her own version of peace keeping.

Now, this new foe did little to tame my own anger. But then my step-father, who is soon to be a trucker and will be utterly absent five days of the week, decided to add his own five cents.

Welcome to my family.

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Hello, this is the anon that had a family member sexually assault her (you can call me Momo, sine I know I'll be frequent here). Last night I had a nightmare about the incidents again and I had to deal with it alone. Can I request Mukkun, Kise, Aomine and Kagami comforting their s/o after this specific nightmare? -Momo And thank your for listening to all of us. It truly does help me to talk about these things especially when I can't talk to anyone else about them.

Hey, Momo ♥
Of course dear, here it goes: 
(also, please do come back when you feel the need, alright?)

Murasakibara was sleeping next to you and was woken by the fuss you made. He found you sitting on the edge of the bed, hardly breathing. “Did ____-chin dream about that bad person again?” he asked sleepily. You nodded and he hugged you as tight as he could. “It’s alright, I’ll protect ____-chin.”

Kise, like Mukkun, was sleeping right by your side. He didn’t immediately wake up, not until he senses the weight shift on the mattress. He sleepily reached out for you and asked what was wrong. After your explanation he looked fully awake. “_____-cchi…” he mumbled, holding you. “It was just a dream, ____-cchi, No one will hurt you now!”

Aomine didn’t wake up either. You actually had to shake him awake, trembling and crying. He istantly knew what went down in your sleep and he clenched his fists. “That bastard…don’t think about that piece of shit, ____. I’m here, aren’t I?”

Kagami was sound asleep, but he woke up when he noticed your warmth disappearing from his side. “_____-chan?” he sleepily called for you, and found you on the floor curled up in a ball. He listened to your explanation and, like Aomine, clenched his fists. “I’ll be damned before I let that guy lay a hand on you again.”