trans women are majestic 

trans men are majestic

cis men are majestic

cis women are majestic

non-binary people are majestic

people who use their gender identity as an excuse to hurt and abuse someone else is is so not majestic

imagine if when benny is at his lowest point and desperately trying to stop himself from attacking someone, and he can’t call dean because dean’s cut him off, when he’s panicking and suffering with irrepressible bloodlust and trying to cling to anything, anything at all, that might help him

he ends up mimicking dean all those times in purgatory and praying to cas

not expecting the angel to show up or anything just as an attempt to stave off the murder instinct by pretending someone, anyone, cares about him not being a monster

but then cas appears, tired and pale and shaken but there, because as little as cas liked benny - benny was dean’s friend, benny saved dean, and benny saved cas too, and if cas isn’t good enough to save angels then he can at least try to save the monsters who want to be good.


Merle + names


Kang kyung joon: I won’t remember so you have to repeat what you said so that we can return to this time…

Gil da ran: I love you.