Danny Ainge,

Draft Fab Melo.



The Celtics have two picks in a row (21,22) and one thing they haven’t had in a while is height. There aren’t many guarantees drafting in the 20s but i can guarantee that he won’t get shorter (Of course I loved Hasheem Thabeet). Fab Melo is a legit 7 footer. He’s not the best center in the draft, but he may be the best one left at the 21st pick. I don’t care about offense. He’s a good defender who can move and (sort of) rebound. That’s what the Celtics need. I’ve seen people compare him to Perk defensively, which is great, but he’s also 2 or 3 inches taller. He doesn’t need to be a great offensive player, if he can finish around the rim, Rondo will get it to him.

With the other first round pick, I hear Royce White and Andrew Nicholson. I don’t imagine that they’ll both be available, so take which ever one is left. I’d be happy with that. Adding two big guys would be a good move. However, if the Celtics were to take the most explosive scorer on the board, I’d accept that. They could use a 2 or 3 who can crate their own shot and be a solid offensive contributor. Guards aren’t a huge need. But I wouldn’t hate Marquis Teague. If Bradley is going to start at the 2, Teague can backup the two guard spots. I would love Rivers, but he won’t be available. And surprisingly, won’t fit in Doc’s system.

Overall, I’d aim to add two big. At least one player who can be a presence in the middle. Someone who can grab some boards. an ideal draft for me would be Royce White and Fab Melo.