'Decadent Western Brony'

Dear invinciblemaozedong and other concerned parties,

First off, thank you for the most charming insult I’ve received in a long time! I will be sure to use it copiously.

As to my political affiliation, this has never been a secret and I am happy to clarify the matter to anyone who bothers to ask. I have been a member of Workers World Party for almost 24 years, including spending some years as a managing editor of its central organ, Workers World newspaper. 

Finally (and not for the first time), I can’t resist observing that of all the weighty controversies addressed on this blog — Stalin, North Korea, sex work, Ukraine, etc. — nothing causes more drama than when I make a rare pony-related post to interject some humor. 

(BTW, I have two young daughters who got me hooked on My Little Pony, but I have absolutely no problem with childless Bronies. It’s the most girl-powered show on U.S. television and very endearing, despite its toy-company origins.)

Best wishes for Hearthswarming Eve, everypony!



I have loved @lightsy for years and tonight was the first time I saw her live! She was amazing!! Best impulse self date evar.. My seat was pretty great for a last minute purchase but I ditched it to go dance at the front.. And she held my hand for a moment. Still fangirling over here. Gotta hoop it out. <3 [#lights #littlemachines #littlemachinestour #fyml #bestseatinthehouse #YEG]