"Come on now. Don’t look so surprised. After all, Castiel and I are family, always have been, always will be, and you’d do anything for your family… wouldn’t you?”

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So if you ever want to just become more and more amazed:

http://showbizpizza.wikia.com/ This is a thing that exists. I had absolutely no connection to Showbiz Pizza growing up, so rather than nostalgia, this is just a source of wonder and confusion.

A friend of mine was interested in Five Nights at Freddy’s, but didn’t want to actually play it, since he’s not a horror fan. So, instead, he started reading about the actual history of animatronic pizza bands.

In the last half hour, I’ve read about a pizza bear singing a song called I’m Not Gay, an experimental hydrogen fuel explosion that destroyed the workshop of the man who invented these things, a melancholy final performance that lamented the fate of the Rock-afire Explosion before Showbiz Pizzas were made into Chuck-E Cheeses, and the squashed dream to create the Anti-Gravity Freedom Machine.

Every page I go to, I find something that amazes me. rabbiteclair absolutely nailed it, when she said that FNaF is practically mundane compared to the actual history of animatronic pizza bands.


The Five Most Important Questions

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Taylor Jardine of We Are The In Crowd by picksysticks on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
We Are The In Crowd
Taylor Jardine
Irvine, Ca.
June 21, 2012


thinkin about the circle mage inquisitor and if, before the rebellion, depending on how young they were taken to the circle, they even remembered what grass felt like. what outside felt like. did they cry the first time they felt rain on their face?

how do they feel about cullen? is there any comfort to be found in the ex of ex-templar? does the inquisitor, for all their power, make sure to never be alone with him unless they have to? and if they have to do they remember to always, always stand with their back to the exit?

is their bed too soft? do they have trouble sleeping? how badly do they burn their food the first time, the first time ever, they cook? (how sick do they make themselves when they eat every last bite?) 

do they smile often, and easily (freely), or not really at all? do others find it odd how quick they are to wonder at the world?

they are in more danger than ever. the world is falling apart yet somehow they feel as safe as they’ve ever felt and so when people, their friends, companions, speak of an end to the templar/mage conflict do they clench their fists, grit their teeth, pull their staff closer; does their voice waver, scared of the answer, or do they gather themself and dare a confrontation as they ask for clarification

(be very careful when answering because they’re not going back to the way it was. they are free, and they are not giving anything up. not again.)

Five Things Friday

My son was restless last night. Awake from 3-5 am. So that means I was, too. But then I woke up at 6:00, and it wasn’t completely dark, daylight was breaking, so that was nice. I got up and made coffee and a fire and was ready to jump online. I needed to post a song, check the NBA scores, make some replies, and I was already up an hour later than normal. My middle daughter came downstairs and tugged my shirt and asked if we could play Dora checkers.

You know what I did.

I saw thatguyles (sorry, thisguyles) post this morning about honesty. I thought it was an excellent, thought-provoking post. And it hit home, as my wife and I had a talk this week, specifically about my Tumblr. I told her it was an open book, and I tried to write it as such, as if anyone I knew could read it. And she agreed that it was. But she and I hadn’t talked about it. And as underwhelmed posted this week and then disappeared, I’ve often felt incomplete while being here and being so free without her. I’m going to tone it down. It’s only fair. That does not mean I won’t be posting as much, or not being honest with you all, because I feel I always am. I just better behave, especially with SST and STM. I owe it to everyone, especially my wife.

Is every store between work and home out of cinnamon donuts every single day? If I don’t get a box of powdery goodness pretty soon, along with a large pint can of Coke, I’m probably going to come unglued. It won’t be pretty.

In Maine, we have two kinds of people. Natives and people from away. I’m a native, but all my friends are transplants. This doesn’t bother me. I know how it happened. I moved to a different town. As far as the natives of that town are concerned, I might as well be from away, even in my own state. Jeesum Crow.

My wife just called and said our tax return is here. She told me to go to the Mermaid after work. Have a beer. Or three. I definitely will.

London Film Festival 2014 Day 1: Hill Of Freedom (2014, Hong Sang-soo) + Come Back To The Five And Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (1982, Robert Altman)


Welcome to 12 days of lack of sleep and bad food habits - it’s the London Film Festival! I’ll be running around the west end trying to see as many films as I can and writing a little bit about them here. We start the festival with Hong Sang-soo’s newest ‘Hill Of Freedom’. Standard line on Hong is that he makes the same film over and over again, and not in a ‘he’s repeating himself’ kind of way, he seems to be interested in a few different things and he engages with them again and again. ‘Hill Of Freedom’ is more lighthearted than his previous two, female-centric, films ‘Nobody’s Daughter Haewoon’ and ‘Our Sunhi’, closer to the oddball cringe comedy of ‘In Another Country’, with a similar framing device - the film is a series of flashbacks told in letter form. Our reader drops the letters at the beginning, so she occasionally reads them out of order, and theres one letter conspicuously missing (which could account for a couple of unexplained plot strands, and more meta-ly the short running time of the film). Once again, this is the story of a foreigner in a holiday home trying to make a romantic connection, and getting caught up with the residents of the town they’re staying in. And again, language is another element in the communication difficulties that our protagonists face. Mori drinks a lot (everyone does in Hong films, he’s the biggest proponent of cinematic drunkenness since Ozu), gets involved with a waitress and is maybe a little too open with his feelings and opinions. Awkwardness ensues. Theres a real sense of empathy for the human condition in Hong’s films, what always seems most apparent to me is the struggle to make sense of one’s own feelings that runs through his filmography. A good start!


'Come Back To The Five And Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean' is, due to unfortunate scheduling, the only restoration I'm seeing at the festival and its great to have to opportunity to see this on a big screen, though it was originally made for cable TV. Katherine Altman introduced the film, giving us an idea of where to place it within her late husband's filmography (made at the beginning of the wilderness years post-'Popeye'). 'Come Back…' is a fantastic piece of work, and the least stagebound theatre adaptation I've ever seen, despite taking place on one small set. The titular Five and Dime is where Cissy and Mona work, and the location of the reunion of their James Dean fanclub. Old friends arrive, and deep dark secrets come to light. The film alternates between now and 20 years ago, the 20 years ago sequences taking place behind one way mirrors behind the bar, characters sometimes placed in the same positions on both sides so that they can be superimposed upon each other. Its a simple enough idea, but it works so very well - characters constantly looking at themselves, longing for the past. The revelations are soap-opera-y, but the content is balanced by the real hurt and damage on display in the performances and  Altman's tending toward naturalism creates an odd dissonance with the more theatrical elements (no people talking over each other in the mix here); the film gets  sparser as it goes on until we're left with ghosts. If you get the opportunity, see it.

Years at war .... being honest!!

~~October 6, 2014~~

Have been a country for 235 years. Have been at war 209 years.

Need we say more?

We ALL are ONE!! 

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