RuroKen Location Site Tour <11> Machiya Club in Omi Hachiman, Shiga Prefecture

Within easy walking distance from Hachiman-bori Moat, there is another shooting site along Suwai Street (仲屋通り).


It was originally a sake brewery and is now used as a kind of community center for multiple use named Machiya Club.
In the nature of the purpose of this facility, it is not always open to the public.
In fact, when I went there last autumn, an art event was being held there, so I had to pay admission fee to see the inside of this building.
But when a friend of mine went there, she was able to enter for free because the event at that time required no admission fee.
It depends on your luck! LOL

Anyway, this place was used for Chou’s jail in RK2.

(Photo 1)

This house looks apparently small.
But when you step inside, you’ll find it strangely narrow and long like a street.
Just walk on, and turn to the right at the corner, then walk on.
For a moment, you’ll be in a small open space.

(Photo 2)

If you walk a little further, you’ll find a room that was once a jail, where Chou was chained to a pillar.
(In the photos I took, you’ll see strange figures and structures, but they’re just some art works! LOL)

(Photo 3)

When I saw the room, it was decorated with a fantastic bush LOL

(Photos 4~10)

Photos 11&12 are from the website ‘Shiga Location Guide’.

Omi Hachiman City has a lot of structures designed by a Christian missionary and architect, William Vories.
If you have any interest in his architecture, I recommend you visit Former Hachiman Post Office across from Machiya Club and others.

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Hi guys! :) I decided to make this new post because I have now more than 140 icons on my icons page! You can find them here.

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Smoke & MIrrors Chapter 23: Mulder and Scully

His captors think him defeated, but even Odin doesn’t know the secrets Loki holds. Before long, he’ll be free, events set in motion by Frigga’s best intentions and Loki’s worst instincts. He’s seen his future, and nothing is going to stop him from stealing it.

Loki/Darcy, M rated

You can also read on AO3 or FFNet.

The calm inside Darcy shattered, replaced by blind panic. When she felt hands clamp around her arms she struggled, but only until Natasha made eye contact and shook her head. One firm movement, one instruction, and though it didn’t make Darcy feel any safer she understood the message. Fighting back would only make things worse.

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anonymous asked:

did you know there's unused dialogue for a free time event with ishida and i'm sad

i did see that. isn’t it of questionable legitimacy though? I don’t think it was confirmed to actually be real but it sounded right.
plus it seems like they were prepared to use it, since he’s available for a freetime event and you can talk to him, but he just shoos you away.
I dunno why they would’ve left it out, since it’s just adding a couple more lines of dialogue. Maybe they didnt wanna give him new responses to items. 
If i remember right he’s kinda incoherent. It reminds me of that conversation that always gets giffed (you know the one) of zuko pretending to be iroh to get life advice.
Like he’s concentrating so hard on trying to sound like mondo that he doesnt actually make any effort to make sense.
I think i got the gist of what he meant but i feel so bad for him. poor little dude. Ishimaru needs a blanket wrapped around him and some hot chocelty milk. all the time.