my crappy candids are back 

ah so i went to see peter today and he started playing duck duck goose w/ some little kids and it was the cutest thing ever i took so many pictures and i walked w/him to his exit place and he started asking how i was doing and he started talking about how happy he was to see me and how it was a good day. it made my day even tho i saw him friday  & last tuesday he had taught me how to do his grass blowing thing and i forgot how to do it so he taught me again. i had been positioning my hands wrong so the air couldn’t escape/ make a sound.

more pics on flickr / instagram / my peter pan stories

anonymous said:

How do the feature points thing work?

im just gonna copy past this off my post because i think it describes everything best. hope it answers your questions xx

What is Feature Points?

It’s a free mobile app where you download other free apps, test them out and receive points. After you receive the points you can exchange them for various rewards.

What rewards can I get?

  • Amazon gift cards
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Paypal money
  • Any apps you would normally pay for

How does it work?

App developers pay featurepoints to advertise their apps. Users of featurepoints download the apps, causing them to gain popularity on the app store charts and more traffic to their app. As motivation to download these apps, featurepoints rewards the users with points that could be put to use that is relevant for them.

How do I get started?

  • If you have a smartphone, you can download the app from their website: featurepoints.com
  • Enter the referral code : BJ2MXC
  • If you do not enter it right away, you won’t get 50 bonus points to start off with, so make sure you do this!
  • Or you can go to this link: http://featu.re/BJ2MXC
  • From there just start browsing around, playing apps and racking up points for rewards. If you have any questions feel free to message me!