Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Stardust Crusaders lottery, 11 October 2014.

  • A Prize:  Blue Star Platinum 27 cm figure.
  • B Prize:  Jotaro Kujo action figure.
  • C Prize:  Heroic Stands WCF figures.
  • D Prize:  Jotaro Kujo ceramic plate.
  • E Prize:  Ceramic coffee cups with J-shaped handles.
  • F Prize:  Bandanas.
  • G Prize:  Heroes WCF figures.
  • H Prize:   Desk mats.
  • Last One Prize: Green Star Platinum figure.

Double chance prize will be an alt colorway Star Platinum.


Palestinian prisoners in the past few months.

Samer Issawi , who had the longest hunger strike , was rearrested along with his sister Shireen and his brother Medhat . All three spent years at israeli jails.

In addition, an estimated 52 former prisoners released during the October 2011 Gilad Shalit prisoner swap agreement have been rearrested, 

Also , Khader Adnan was rearrested. Adnan was the first prisoner to hunger strike and considered a hero.

Thousands were detained during a massive Israeli military campaign across the West Bank in the past months.Before the campaign there were already more than 5000 Palestinian prisoners in israeli jails who consider themselves as war prisoners .

Prisoners are put through hard conditions , a relative of mine who is about 15 was detained. He said that tens of people are put in a small room and I was hit so hard when I refused to eat a candy that the officer offered me , I thought that the candy contained a drug so I refused to eat it. Never mention the way of arrests: night raids accompanied with wide destruction of the houses.

Palestinian Raed al-Jabari, 35, died after being tortured while in Israeli prison custody.

See: Israel jailed influential Palestinian writer “to remove him from society”