The crazy few weeks that have kept me bogged down are finally over. Within those last few weeks, different events have kept me away from my fish and Fishblr. The culmination of my hard work has been placing at a national conference (APS), placing first in my university’s poster symposium, and receiving the outstanding physics award from my department. Now I’m ready to return to a somewhat normal life style and talk about fish instead of research. To be honest, it’s easier for me to talk about fish rather than my research. I think people would enjoy hearing more about fish than my research.

Courtesy of the artist and Sperone Westwater Gallery

Now in His 80s, Malcolm Morley Is Still Finding New Ways of Looking

Malcolm Morley has gotten off the couch. A longtime champion of psychoanalysis, the 83-year-old British artist “finally got thrown out” by his therapist, he says. 

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Shippy Saturday & Sunday

This is your official notice: We are now accepting shippy quotes!


  • Quotes containing shippy references will ONLY be posted on Saturdays and Sundays, American Central Time.
  • The quotes can be submitted at any time during the week, but they will be saved as drafts until the weekend rolls around.
  • The normal queue WILL continue to post the usual four quotes at all times.  We’re not replacing those quotes with shippy ones.
  • Shippy quotes will be posted throughout the weekend, not all in one clump.  The number of quotes will change from week to week, depending on the amount of submissions we receive.
  • There is no guarantee that your shippy quote will be published.  We have final say in what gets posted and what doesn’t, please respect that.
  • Shippy quotes will be judged more harshly than non-shippy ones in terms of humor.  If it’s not funny, it won’t get posted.
  • All shippy quotes WILL be tagged with the appropriate ship name AND the current tag for shippy quotes: #roses are red violets are basketball
  • The number of quotes posted for a single ship will be limited according to the variety of ships submitted.  No one ship will be allowed to dominate the blog.


  • Send in quotes for any pairing you like!   If it’s less well-known it would be appreciated it you would also let us know what the ship name is so we can tag it appropriately.
  • Send in quotes that you genuinely think are funny!  The more you laugh, the more likely it is to get published.
  • Be respectful.
  • Keep submitting normal quotes as well. We rely on submissions to keep this blog going, and it doesn’t do us much good if we start getting more shippy quotes than ship-neutral quotes.


  • DO NOT send in ANY nsfw content.  It will not be published at any time.
  • DO NOT send in ANY ship hate.  This will not be tolerated.
  • Don’t send in 30 quotes involving your otp and then get mad when only one or two get posted.  We’d all get tired of just seeing quotes for one ship all the time, so the number of quotes for every ship will be limited.

If this gets out of hand, if we get hate or if anyone else gets hate because of this, or if anyone tries to start drama, Shippy Saturday & Sunday WILL BE STOPPED.  You guys have all been great so far, but I’m not going to risk letting this blog get sucked into any kind of ship war.  If we start having issues, this blog will revert back to being ship-free.

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here, please feel free to shoot me an ask!

I’m so sorry it took me forever, but here are the winners and runners up. Thank you so much to everyone that entered, all of your blogs were amazing. You make it so hard to choose. Winners are bolded and runners up after then yay :D and  i deleted some categories and add more runners up.

Best Doctor Who:  

 impossiblekaren // tardisdust //  capaldiofficial // dcotordonna // oswining

Best Sherlock:  


Best Multifandom: 

 helptwelve // interstellarum // heistoftime // jenlouisecoleman /

marcasite // hermioneshour 

Best posts:  
dclete // bluestofblueboxes // riverrsng / travelintimeandspace // 


 Best original graphics: 

 spacebcx // capalti //  eleventhofgallifrey //  rorywillicms

Best URL:

  twelfthdoctr // basicllyrunn // cosmicsouffle // courageclara

Best theme:

nebnla // obwtie //oswinism//morgenxterns 

Best overall: 

runawaynoble // rebeltwelve  // quirkyeleven // tonxstark  

Nicest blogger: 


My favorites:  

monicagellar // doctormuggle // tvelfth //  tardisnight 

Congratulations to all of our winners and runners ups 

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