The rules reclassify Internet as Title II of the Telecommunications Act, making it a utility

The FCC voted in favor of the Open Internet Order, new net neutrality rules that would prohibit paid Internet paid fast lanes, and reclassify broadband providers as telecommunication services under the Title II of the Telecommunications Act, among other regulations. The rules were passed by a 3-2 vote along party lines, with Commissioners Ajut Pai and Michael O’Rielly (Republicans) voting against the measure and Commissioners Mignon Clyburn, Jessica Rosenworcel and Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler (Democrats) voting in favor of the order.

The Internet is saved…for now.

Net neutrality wins!

Today, the FCC voted 3-2 in favor of rules that reclassify broadband Internet service as a utility, effectively stopping service providers from blocking sites or apps, charging users extra to surf the Web at full speed or operating paid “fast lanes” for specific services or websites like Netflix or YouTube. And though we’re not completely out of the woods yet, this is huge news.

It’s finally happening. Today, the FCC votes on whether the internet is a free open service between you and the cable companies.

Groups funded by the likes of George Soros have already done a phenomenal job of pulling the hood over your eyes by getting internet users like you and me to believe that adopting new regulatory rules will keep the internet free, fair, and thriving—nearly 200,000 calls to Congress have been placed from Tumblr alone, hundreds of thousands more from a diverse coalition of partners, and 4 million total comments have been submitted directly to the FCC…but the CEO of Tumblr doesn’t even understand “net neutrality” himself.  Today is your chance to raise your voice and see if the government gives a damn about what you think, considering the FCC has totally withheld their plans from the public. By all accounts, we know that Chairman Wheeler is prepared to do the wrong thing—a politically expedient thing that President Obama wants him to do —and enact firm net neutrality rules under Title II of the Communications Act.

If this happens, it’s the end of the free internet.  It will be subject to all the rules and regulations that the government has taken over such as what they did with terrestrial radio and the open TV airwaves.  Did we mention the introduction of a new internet tax that you will end up paying?  So let’s make sure it doesn’t happen. If you haven’t called your representative yet,call your representative. If you’ve already called your representative, call them again.

Most importantly, call 1-888-225-5322 then choose #5 on the prompt to register your opinion to the FCC directly.

And with your help, we can stop an government takeover of the internet and insure an internet in which freedom is secure for generations to come.

In an historic 3-2 vote, the Federal Communications Commission said it would change the way the nation’s Internet service providers are regulated. For net neutrality advocates the vote is a major victory; for the nation’s Internet service providers, a rebuke.

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You did it, Internet lovers. Net neutrality is happening.

Blue and black dress enrages users of Internet

A photograph of a horrid blue and black dress enraged Twitter Thursday evening as the online-o-sphere was rent into two camps: those who believe the dress in question to be blue and black, which it is, and those who believe the dress to be white and gold, which it is not. The photograph of the blue and black dress is below.

Warning: No matter what you decide—blue/black, white/gold, or don’t care—looking at this photograph will soon cause you to feel alienated from large swaths of the human race.

It’s strange that people see such different colors in this T.J. Maxx clearance rack mess, and stranger still that both camps are so assured of their correctness. The owner of the original Tumblr Livejournal weblog posted another photo of the unflattering outfit, showing its blue and black color scheme clearly:

In other news Thursday, the FCC approved new regulations that were viewed as a major victory for net neutrality. In the hours since, our society has dedicated untold bandwidth to a llama chase and an apparel-based optical illusion. It’s as if people took the $100 bill of newly assured Internet freedom and used it to light a cigar. What better way to celebrate? Llamas and dresses and tweets and tumbles—tonight we revel in asinine bullshit, because we can.

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Verizon's response to the FCC's decision to regulate the internet using a law from 1934 is perfect

Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission decided on a 3-2 party-line vote to begin regulating the internet using a law from the 1930s.  The law is the Communications Act of 1934, specifically Title II, and it gives the FCC broad power to tax, censor, and disrupt the free enterprise of the internet.  

Verizon responded to the news in appropriate fashion, using morse code, the form of communication that the original 1934 law would have been regulating. 

Here’s the translation:

Today (Feb. 26) the Federal Communications Commissionapproved an order urged by President Obama that imposes rules on broadband Internet services that were written in the era of the steam locomotive and the telegraph. The following statement should be attributed to Michael E. Glover, Verizon senior vice president, public policy and government affairs: 

“Today’s decision by the FCC to encumber broadband Internet services with badly antiquated regulations is a radical step that presages a time of uncertainty for consumers, innovators and investors. Over the past two decades a bipartisan, light- touch policy approach unleashed unprecedented investment and enabled the broadband Internet age consumers now enjoy. 

“The FCC today chose to change the way the commercial Internet hasoperated since its creation. Changing a platform that has been so successful should be done, if at all, only after careful policy analysis, full transparency, and by the legislature, which is constitutionally charged with determining policy. As a result, it is likely that history will judge today’s actions as misguided. “

The FCC’s move is especially regrettable because it is wholly unnecessary. The FCC had targeted tools available to preserve an open Internet, but instead chose to use this order as an excuse to adopt 300- plus pages of broad and open- ended regulatory arcana that will have unintended negative consequences for consumers and various parts of the Internet ecosystem for years to come. 

“What has been and will remain constant before, during and after the existence of any regulations is Verizon’s commitment to an open Internet that provides consumers with competitive broadband choices and Internet access when, where, and how they want.”

Net Neutrality is not about the internet.

It’s about control.  The purpose of the Obama Administration is to gain as much control over your life as possible.  This is Chicago Politics.  This is straight-up Communism.  The State wants to control everything.  Remember, the government now controls your health care, they control your education (both primary and secondary), they control your means of protection, and now they want to control how you get your information.  

There is no upside to allowing the government to determine what you can and cannot do on the internet. 

what is net neutrality?
  • what some of y'all think net neutrality means:GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER GG NO MORE INTERNET GOODBYE LIBERTY
  • what net neutrality actually is:the government telling ISPs to fuck off a lil' bit so that they don't keep overcharging everyone and throttling internet service as they already have been proven to do