FC Bayern München

Bastian Schweinsteiger: 

“This club made me to the player I am today. I have alaways felt the support by the people from FC Bayern no matter if we had to swallow a bitter defeat or if we celebrated the big title. I can be who I am and that makes things easy for me. I am no one who likes to talk much in public and did this less and less in the last few years on purpose. At the same time I am aware that everything that happens off the pitch is simply part of it as well. I can’t come to training, do my performace and then just hole up again - even though I would like to do that from time to time. I try to let my actions speak on the pitch. I see my role in the term “football business” clearly in the football and not the business. That’s what it’s about. About the game and the emotions this game awakes. Without these two factors all the rest wouldn’t exist. And that’s how I would sum it up about the winning of the World Cup al well. I just played as good as I could and in the end it all fell from my shoulders. I can’t describe how much it all it touched me or what went through my mind but when you see the pictures - both during the 120 minutes and after the final whistle - then you don’t need to say much. Three words: This is football.” (x)


“Dear Basti,
[…] Last year we said that winning the World Cup together on our 10th year anniversary of joining the national team wouldn’t be the worst thing… I’m very proud and happy that we have achieved this goal together.
Your Philipp