Fête Nationale

Tonight fireworks on the Eiffel Tower were soooooo fucking epic in sooo many ways!!! This year’s theme was our national saying “Liberté Egalité Fraternité” (Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood). It started by our anthem, and the WHOLE fucking Champ de Mars was singing it! Patriotism is so rare in France that I was almost chocked by how wonderful it was! Everybody singing at the same time, so much patriotism it hurts. 
Then the fireworks started with celebrities’ voices telling why our motto is crucial in our nation. They mixed those speeches with musics that meant either something for us or freedom/revolution themed musics. It was fabulous. Everybody were singing, and dancing, it felt like so much more than simple fireworks! It was already magical, even before the Magic happened : The rainbow flag lighted up on the Eiffel Tower. Fate made happen that a group of gay people were next to me, and we all started shouting “Egalité! Egalité!” the way we did when we took the streets to protest against homophobia in February & March. We kept singing, hearts filled with pride as we, gay people, were recognized as part of the nation. This rainbow flag all over the emblem of France was such a big, kickass, majestic “FUCK YOU” to all who keep discrimating people different than them. 

Today was a fucking historic 14th of July. I’m so damn proud of being French right now :’) 


I took whatever Swiss I found laying around in my flat and organize it for this picture in order to celebrate August the 1st. I realize just after I could have add several books, bottles of wine, chocolate, also various pens and knives, and it would had look like a bit less like a celebration of Swiss Army. But the idea is there. Happy national day!