no but like all i can think about is jemma getting all tongue tied when she saw skye with her new hair cut, and now it keeps happening all of the time, and like she would be talking to someone else, and skye would walk in the room and she’d completely lose track of what she was saying and start stammering and blushing

im 100% sure i go to school with some of the most problematic ppl ever. in r.e we had to put these pictures of random people in order of favouritism and lookism pretty much (1 being most favourite and 6 being least favourite) and we didnt know ANYTHING abt the ppl in the pictures and this one guy put a pakistani man 6th and his reason was that he was a muslim so he must be a terrorist and he put a guy who had his top off as 5 because he assumed he was gay but he still respected him because he was wearing a cross necklace and the girl i sit beside said you cant be gay and be a christian because thats against what you preach … :/

Things I learnt today that I was not aware of:

  • you might not be able to use toilet rolls to make things in some schools (hygiene reasons apparently)
  • some schools don’t “do Halloween” cause its a pagan tradition and “maybe offensive to some religions” *rolls eyes*
  • some schools change the “three little pigs” story to “three little goats” cause against “offensive to some religions”