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I found some of the pics on google images tho, so I couldn't credit them... And btw all the gifs on my profile are ones I made myself, and all the art work on my profile are ones I drew myself, besides the one I re-blogged and the ones in the shipping competitions. And there's nothing wrong with making a ship poll. If u have something against them which clearly do, I don't see why the hell you'd re-blog it anyway, but lol whatever~

I never mentioned anything about the gifs, never said anything about your art, all I said is to credit art that doesn’t belong to you and to not bring more unnecessary drama and crosstagging where it doesn’t belong. You’re using people’s artwork in these ‘competitions’ as shipping fire when that was not their original purpose. 


I reblogged it because 1) I wanted to make my intentions clear and 2) to show my followers that making shit like that is ignorant, disrespectful, and causes more drama than needed. Even though I personally do not like ship polls, you can make all the polls you want, but either use your own artwork or use official art. Do not use other people’s. Didn’t think it was that hard to figure out.


Rolling Stone #549, Apr. 6, 1989

Since my Rolling Stone DVD-ROM archive is up and running for the first time in years, I’ll just take this opportunity to remind once again every TV writer and showrunner that the “Moonlighting curse” isn’t that David Addison and Maddie Hayes finally slept together, but that the characters spent the rest of the series avoiding each other.

Honestly? I always felt that the show worked because Glenn Gordon Caron didn’t much care about conventions and didn’t have any plan for the characters. And it crashed lamentably when he stopped caring - probably decided it wasn’t worth the hassle.

Doesn’t matter. I can watch the first three seasons again and again and pretend the rest doesn’t exist.

So you ever just get like, a random fragment of a scene stuck in your head, that wont go away no matter what happens? I’ve had this scene stuck in my head for two days. It wont die. So I decided to write it down, despite the fact that it’s like an unimportant interim scene in a fic that will probably never be written, yay!

I think I’ll do that from now on. Post these ‘drabbles’ that really should be part of an actual fic, but they never will be because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to writing full fics again. Gosh they’re just too much work. Plus, this way I get the creative itch out of my system and can return to more realistic goals - like solving world hunger, etc.

ANYWAY. This takes place in my RWBY/Sailor Moon AU and is very Rei-centric. Important information that you will need is this:

  • Team Senshi are visiting Beacon for some big intercontinental training exercise/exchange/whatever. They’re just there, spheal with it.
  • Rei’s father is one of the highest ranking politicians in the ruling council of Juuban (the fifth and youngest kingdom in this AU). He’s also one of the most openly anti-faunus leaders in all of Remnant. He’s a dick, and pretty much anyone who’s even vaguely faunus-friendly hates him.
  • Ami’s half-faunus, but her heritage is visible despite her halfling status due to her white fox ears.
  • Team Senshi and team RWBY have passingly met - unsurprisingly, former White Fang Blake was NOT AT ALL thrilled at meeting a Hino. They clashed. They clashed hard.

And that’s all, folks! Enjoy!

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