Please fire me. Two guys came up to my register. Guy #1 looks at me and demands I print a gift receipt. I do so after the transaction is complete, hand him his change, and he says, “Is this the gift receipt?” I say yes and he responds with, ”Good girl.”

And the balls are rolling!

The e-mail

I finally got my e-mail from the International Office. This is a ‘provisional selection’, which basically means that I am not accepted yet. There is still a lot that can happen, and Ferris State University still has the rights to deny me as an exchange student, and if I’m too late with my application and such.

What did the e-mail say?                                                    …

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This week I took part in Plan Bienen, a project by Tessa Zettel and Sumugan Sivanesan.

' Plan Bienen investigates urban beekeeping in relation to dual crises in European economic systems and bee ecologies, within the context of Berlin’s post-reunification development as a multicultural ‘creative’ capital. Using the histories and present growing popularity of city bees as an entry point, the artists will be mapping post-monetary economies, forms of exchange and emergent sociabilities occurring across Berlin’s food systems, intercultural gardens, migrant networks, hackerspaces and hausprojekts, speculating on the kinds of futures these little freunden und freundinnen might lead us towards.’ 

I traded labor in helping the beekeeper and artist Bärbel Rothhaar to extract the honey from the honeycombs for a jar of Goethe honey. Goethe honey is a special variety that came from an art project: the artist created a beeswax sculpture of Goethe’s head in collaboration with the bees!

photos: Sumugan Sivanesan



Trees are swaying to the ebb and flow of time.  In a small room in a basement, a rug is unrolled and a boy and girl get comfortable with each other.  The room is filled with dark items.  Soon, a lie will be born.  The lie will be held briefly by the boy.  Then, he will give it to the girl.  This exchange of words will continue for days, weeks, years.  Finally, the truth will emerge as a small bird.  The truth will fly away as a small bird, and the truth will build a nest in the shape of a small basement room.  Isn’t this the way it always ends?  With words as fragile as small blue eggs?

Bernd Sauermann

Hey, there is a NPC in the new 4.7 Pangaea Fortresses that exchanges Crowns and Goblets for more abyss points than what you’d get from the Abyss Core!!! Also you can exchange the Ancient Runes (New Relics) for more there as well compared to what you get from Idian Depth (Katalam Underground),


Core :


Pangaea :



Core :


Pangaea :


Ancient Runes



Pangaea :






Silva Takes The Lead                     

Brazilian presidential candidate Marina Silva of the Brazilian Socialist Party attends a campaign rally in Duque de Caxias, Brazil, on Sept. 25, 2014. 

Ibovespa futures rose as an election poll showed President Dilma Rousseff’s lead over opposition candidate Marina Silva narrowing before a probable second-round runoff vote next month.

Rousseff would garner 42 percent support in an Oct. 26 runoff vote, according top a Vox Populi poll released after the market closed yesterday. That’s down from 46 percent in a Sept. 20-21 survey by the same polling company. Silva drew the backing of 41 percent of respondents, up from 39 percent. The Sept. 23-24 survey published in the online edition of Carta Capital magazine polled 2,000 people and has a margin of error of 2.2 percentage points.

Photographer: Dado Galdieri/Boomberg     

© 2014 Bloomberg Finance LP

Funny moment from today

I forgot to say something what happened today in the morning. We had our 3rd period, but we had to wait in the school club. There were no teachers, so me and my friends decided to go to the shop next to school (we’re allowed to go there only when it’s break and it wasn’t) We were on our way, and they were scared we’re gonna be in trouble. And I said "Haha don’t worry, we will meet there even Pete" (I was just joking!! Seriously).

We walked into that shop, and we were just looking for food, and then suddenly, we met Pete. In the middle of 3rd lesson while he should’ve been with us? We greeted him, he greeted too, and we were getting ready for him shouting at us, because we weren’t allowed to be there. But you know what he said? “Do you know where can I find waffles?”

He didn’t say even a word about us in the middle of lesson in the shop. Just "Where’s the waffles?".

So we showed him it, and I went there too, because I wanted some waffles too. He asked me about that italian guy who was given (I mean, like exchanged) to me. I told him he’s fine, but he doesn’t eat much, that I got ready whole table of food, so so many food, and he wanted just a tea. And you know what he said?

He said "Haha, so I can exchange with him. I would eat it all!". I was just really dead. All I could say was “Sure!”. Because wow, he would live at my house for one week and omg omg it would be so amazing. Pity he was only joking.