I ordered my new Crosby third jersey today and it made me really excited for the hockey season so I thought I would post 10 of my jerseys every couple of days while I’m waiting for the regular season. I also have Crosby’s Rimouski Oceanic and Winter Classic jersey in the style of the Letang jersey I decided to post. (Which is why I purchased the third jersey with his name, I’ve made a point of getting every one of his jerseys since I fell in love with the way he played in 2005)

  1. Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins rookie jersey (2005)
    (I got made fun of for wearing this in Pittsburgh by Pittsburghers in 2005. Never forget.)
  2. Sidney Crosby Winter Classic jersey (2008)
  3. Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins home jersey (2008)
  4. Sidney Crosby Vancouver Winter Olympics jersey (2010)
    (The jersey he would ultimately win the gold medal in for his home crowd)
  5. Evgeni Malkin Pittsburgh Penguins rookie jersey (2006)
  6. Evegni Malkin Metallurg Magnitogorsk home jersey (2004)
    (My favorite part of this jersey is the fact that his name is written in Russian, it’s my go to for attending away games because it tends not to incite criticism from the opposition’s fans. I was wearing this jersey in Mellon Arena when the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup, and again one year later the night that I watched the Penguins lift the cup for the first time in my adult life.)
  7. Kristopher Letang Winter Classic jersey (2011)
    (I decided against posting the Crosby jersey because it’s cursed; he spent the next year with a serious concussion after that game)
  8. Jordan Staal Pittsburgh Penguins home jersey (2010)
    (miss you, get well soon; this jersey was bought at Consol Energy Center during it’s inaugural season hence the nifty patch)
  9. Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks rookie jersey (2007)
  10. Teemu Selanne Colorado Avalanche away jersey (2004)
    (The year that cursed my favorite player at the time)