Everything is rhythm

In one of the pieces of the ‘Dangerous’ album, I say: “Life songs of ages, throbbing in my blood, have danced the rhythm of the tide and flood.” This is a very literal statement, because the same new miracle intervals and biological rhythms that sound out the architecture of my DNA also governs the movement of the stars. The same music governs the rhythm of the seasons, the pulse of our heartbeats, the migration of birds, the ebb and flow of ocean tides, the cycles of growth, evolution and dissolution. It’s music, it’s rhythm. If you put cells under a microscope and you put music on, you’ll see them move and start to dance. It affects the soul…. I hear music in everything. [Pauses] You know, that’s the most I’ve said [to an interviewer] in eight years.
—  Michael Jackson, speaking to Ebony magazine while in Africa in 1992

ok if theres not going to be a sequel im just going to start making stuff up for all the unanswered questions that i have and i mean that in a very threatening way


Look at that. Look at the world, still turning. It feels like I’ve fallen off.

A mix based on Madlori’s beautiful Alone On The Water.

"You are my heaven on earth." ()


Charlie & Miles (feat. Joe and Gene) | 2.21

"Pull the whistle, Joe!

We just stole a train!”


Mabel Mercer (3 Feb 1900 – 20 Apr 1984) in Everything is Rhythm (1936)

There is a rhythm to everything in the cosmos. The wind, the rain, the waves, the flow of our breath and our heartbeat—everything has a rhythm. Similarly, there is a rhythm in life. Our thoughts and actions create the rhythm and melody of our lives. When the rhythm of our thoughts is lost, it reflects in our actions. This will, in turn, throw off the very rhythm of life. Today, this is what we are seeing all around us.
—  Amma