Galavant Appreciation Week :: Day 6
↳ Favorite Guest Star(s): Each and every one of them

I ordered a pack of high quality poly bags for my cels. I forgot all about them until they arrived just now. My afternoon has become rebagging all of my cels (one per layer where I can, separate bags for douga or production sheets, all very nice). Organization, always good for losing myself, with the added benefit of letting me enjoy my cel collection. I’ll take it.

I’ve been bouncing games a lot, but one that’s doing well for me at the moment is Chroma Squad. It’s a new release that we Kickstarted a couple years ago, a tactical RPG where you create a sentai team and guide them through starting their own studio, shooting episodes, etc. I’m positive I don’t need to tell you the basis for my five-person team. I’m not up for really selling the game at the moment (though I will say that I’m enjoying it pretty well, despite the poor selection of female hero options), so someone remind me to talk about them more later. I will say, however, that it appears the current storyline has my character in the Leader position letting the fame go to her head and demanding more focus and screentime. So guess who my leader is and how perfect all that is playing out right now.




update - not a dress today. she was wearing a tunic, it was white and maybe linen and light and airy and wow she’s so pretty. i mean. and then she was wearing lighter jeans on underneath and i think wedge heels but we were about a zillion miles away and a floor up when we saw her walking around so who knows. i’m pretty certain it was a brand spanking new outfit to my eyes.

anonymous asked:

Could you make a list of the most problematic idols?

ive already made a few posts and heres some more links {x} {x}. but i would also like to add something before you read these: “problematic” is a big blanket term. a really big blanket term because there’s all kinds of ways to be problematic. but you can’t always use that term so freely. don’t say problematic when you actually mean racist specifically and exclusively. don’t say problematic when you mean homophobic specifically and exclusively. if you’re talking multiple things (racist, homophobic, and colorist; transphobic and misogynistic; etc.) using the blanket term “problematic” is alright just to save time. be specific when it’s singular. i’m not really gonna try to fight anyone on that but i feel like “problematic” is too vague of a term at times.

can’t stop thinking about combeferre proposing to courf on the day he graduates from med school, kneeling down in his cap and gown and everything with all his family and friends around him on the big lawn outside of the arena and courf’s already cried twice today from being so proud you can’t keep doing this to me ferre you really can’t it’s not healthy