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Globe on Screen - New films open next week.

The new trailer for the 2015 Globe on Screen season is here! 

Watch productions performed at the Globe, filmed in HD, at a cinema near you.

The season will open in the UK on 26 February with The Duchess of Malfi, the first play to be staged and filmed in the candlelit Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. Gemma Arterton stars as the ill-fated Duchess.

For a full list of the films and links to tickets please click here to visit the Globe on Screen website. Tickets will be available from next week.

Screenings outside of the UK will take place later in the year. 


I think [Jared and Jensen] understand a wonderful thing. This is unheard of and unreal to be in this situation and I think both of them love each other. We are honestly a family, the Ackles and the Padaleckis, we are literally a family. My son plays with their daughter and we love each other in that way. - Genevieve Padalecki [x/x/x]


"Es un gusto finalmente conocerte."


✧ ~happy soon birthday Chris~ ✧