Just as I wonder whether it’s going to die, the orchid blossoms, and I can’t explain why.


This is the first in my “Black, Black Heart” Penny Dreadful Fanart Series. Hoping to get some others up soon! But until then, enjoy the fabulous Dorian Gray played by Reeve Carney!


Her hair was starting to weigh heavy on her head, the pins digging into her scalp. But nothing weighed as heavily as Erik’s thoughts .

She had endured three months of parties she thought she had escaped with her mother’s death.   But she was here,  thoughts full of envy, gluttony and lust whirling in her head.  Erik’s mind  a shining beacon, bright and beautiful, so unlike the others.

But now, with death, one long and excruciating death, on his mind, it was enough to turn her stomach, make her cringe.

"We have it in us to be the better species."

"We already are."

I really like the idea of mutant spies working together. Going undercover and attending fancy galas, all the while taking down Nazis to get to the ultimate prize, Shaw. (I also really love femCharles, though it is something that is not really explored)