The eevee is 2x2” and the largest canvases are 2x4” and 3x3” respectively.

These will all be for sale individually at APE, but if you would like to buy the whole collection, send an email to before Friday with your bid. (I won’t sell the whole set for less than $480, which is less than what it would cost if you got them all individually)

Now what to paint next…?

"You two are free now… I’m not your trainer anymore."

"No, but you’re still our friend."

[[OOC ||

This is such a sloppy quickie but I’ve been having a hard time lately and a little cute image kept popping into my head with these three. They don’t get a lot of attention. Sorry for the lack of quality, I literally did this between my two jobs in the span of an hour. XD; ]]


Hi, guys!
As you can see, making plushies is a hobby of mine. These are some of my Pokemon-oriented commissions. After a bit of a hiatus due to hand problems, I’ve decided to take up crocheting again and re-open my commission availability!
Below is a list of Pokemon that I know for certain I am able to make. If you don’t see something you’d like, feel free to send me an ask or email me (address below) to inquire about something you’d want! If you contact me through ask, make sure you don’t select anonymous!
These items are classified on a size/complication basis of Small, Medium and Large.
Prices will vary from project to project, but generally…
Small: $10-15 USD
Medium: $35-40 USD
Large: $70-85 USD
There is an additional fee of $5 USD for shipping within the US or $10 USD for international shipping.
Eevee (M)
Flareon (M)
Jolteon (M)
Vaporeon (M)
Espeon (M)
Umbreon (M)
Glaceon (M)
Pikachu (M)
Ampharos (L)
Deoxys (L)
Charizard (L)
Snorlax (L)
Scraggy (M)
Goomy (M)
Litwick (M)
Charmander (M)
Bulbasaur (M)
Squirtle (M)
Piplup (M)
Rattata (M)
Oshawott (M)
Drifloon (S)
Chikorita (M)
Shuppet (M)
Pokeballs of varying designs (S)
Remember, if you don’t see your preferred Pokemon on the list, ask me about it!
Contact me through private messaging here OR through my commission-specific inbox,
I ONLY accept payments through PayPal.
Thank you!