I constantly get “I can’t tell your snakes apart.” comments from people who seem miraculously color blind when it comes to scales but can tell all five of the neighbor’s gray cats apart, so I decided to take a five second “family photo” of the ball pythons to help out.

So sad Psyche decided to bury her head in the second one.

I’ll have to go back and spend more time on this someday.


Roman Bronze Figure of Weeping Eros, Roman Imperial, c. 1st Century AD

The only other known bronze version of this subject is in the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia but it appears to derive from a different type more commonly found in Hellenistic terracottas. According to Ludwig Curtius, the bound figure of weeping Eros refers to his punishment by the goddess Nemesis, perhaps for tormenting Psyche; the original Greek statue, which he dates to the early Hellenistic period, would have been placed in a sanctuary of Nemesis.

Touch: Release Day Wrap-up


Thank you, guys! This was an extraordinary day. You are the best group to celebrate with!

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