Courtroom Shenanigans
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"I am kankri and I speak f9r the mutants"

Terezi: roxrezi

Eridan: twerkingforbananas

Karkat: valleygirlthor

Kankri: seer-of-blood

Porrim: equiuszahhak

Dave: ninjapuff1

Original comic: adorabloodthirsty69

Dead people playing Fiduspawn in the Dreambubbles.

(Figured I’d kill a couple of birds with one stone; March Eridan, Tav being happy and nowhere near from that douchebag abuser Vriska and Damara having fun far, far away from her fucking horrible and toxic so-called ‘friends’.)


I really love Homestuck (*-*) I made this icons with soooo much love that you can’t imagine and I fell so happy when I watch how they look <3

(Equius, Nepeta, Karkat, Tavros, Terezi and Solux here )