Mad Moxxi - Enasni Volz

Photo By: Mike Rollerson Photography

Let me talk about this girl for a second.  This girl has been cosplaying since 2009.  In that time, she has not only learned new skills and improved upon her own, but she has been spreading the message of healthy cosplay, helps anyone with tip and tricks that she has leanred, been all over the US to different cons, and has even been hired to be the character she loves.

Not only that, but she has juggled multiple costumes, worked her butt off, and put all that she has into this industry.  She has also held down a long distance relationship and even moved across the states to be with the person she loves.  Yup, left friends and family back home in order to spend her days with some poor schlup playing video games and being dumb.

I can’t stress how much i love and support Enasni on everything that she does.  She may make me feel crazy and want to pull my hair out, but she does everything out of love.  Every time I catch her staring at me, you can just see her eyes light up.

So you may be asking, “Why Sparrow, why are you writing this?  Why should I care?”

The reason I am writing this is because this girl is going through a tough time.   Between the move, comic con, contests, money, and general life, she is just trying her hardest to get by.  I just want to shed light that even though she is trying hard and having some really not great days, she still puts herself out there and tried to be as helpful and kind as possible.  She still tries her hardest to deliver quality…everything for the people that like her page, or talk to her on here, or even know her only through the internet.  She sacrifices a lot without saying much.

I just want you to see her and love her the way that I do.  To show her that she is making progress in life and that she id beautiful and talented.  To show her that we all have hard times but that doesn’t mean that it will always be difficult.  To show her that hard work pays off in the end and that your path in life is what you make it.

So if you get a second out of your busy day, drop her a line, a joke, a story, or just some nice words.  Take a moment and help out someone with just a fraction of time from your day.

It would mean the world to me to see her smile :)


Birthday Weeks | Alive Week (Day #4):

Moon Moxxi (on GIF #1), Lilith (on GIF #2), Red and Purple Mad Moxxi (on GIF #3) and Handsome Jackie (on GIF #4) from Borderlands


  • Jessica Nigri [TW | FB] (Moon Moxxi)
  • Lindsay Elyse [TM | TW | FB | IN] (Lilith)
  • Gogo Incognito [TW | FB | IN] (Red Mad Moxxi, with megaphone)
  • Enasni Volz [TM | DA | TW | FB] (Purple Mad Moxxi, with tip jar)
  • Lisa Lou Who [WW | TW | FB] (Handsome Jackie)

Videographer: The Sneaky Zebra [YT | TM | TW | FB] (Source Video)


What a season, what a season.  Something old, something new…hm.  So full of stories to tell, memories that were shared, riddles to be spun and yarns to be pulled taut to bring our machinations to fruitful ends.  And somehow I found myself spinning, spinning all over with you fine folks across a multiversal trip that confounds and amazes.  It might even boggle, if that’s your thing!

Still, it’s been one wild ride, hasn’t it viewers?  Harleen, Selena, one Joseph Kerr, the daughter of a revolutionary and even my very own little impersonator!  I’d like to remind you all that it really is the highest form of flattery, even if no one can quite leap and bound across that chasm.  Just the teensiest bit too far, I’m afraid.  That said, this is your pay-off, the magnificent scrap I leave in your care to twiddle your thumbs with but one question on your mind: what is that marvelous mind up to?

You’ll just have to wait and find out, won’t you?

(Credit to the SCNS Live Crew, the immaculate Enasni Volz as Harley Quinn, jamesthegeneralist as The Joker, Monk as the Mini-Riddler, and several other friends who’ve been with me throughout this sojourn!)

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