I got this idea from hanecdote.

You know those days. The ones where brushing your teeth is your biggest accomplishment. Be proud! Show off your achievements with these embroidered felt pins. Makes a great gift for a loved one who is struggling and could use a giggle!

For every pin sale, I will donate 10% to Solve CFS. You can read more about that here: http://solvecfs.org/donate/


etsyfindoftheday | EVENING EXTRAS | 12.15.14

adorned hoop art set by lovemaude

lovemaude’s embroidered hair accessories have been featured numerous times here on EFOTD, and it’s about time i show off a few of their crafty and beautiful hoop art pieces as well. these trendy flowered antler-and-initial pieces come as a set and are on sale RIGHT MEOW!! check it out, followers — lovemaude is a great place to go for holiday gifts <3