‘Pitch Perfect 2′ Cast Appearances -- TV

May 6

Hailee Steinfeld on The Ellen Show

May 8

Skylar Astin on Comedy Bang! Bang!

Anna Kendrick on Alan Carr Chatty Man (UK)

May 7

Hailee Steinfeld on Jimmy Kimmel Live

May 11

Brittany Snow on The Ellen Show

May 12

Anna Kendrick on The Ellen Show

Rebel Wilson on Live! with Kelly & Michael

Anna Kendrick on The Tonight Show

Skylar Astin on Watch What Happens Live

Kay Cannon on Late Night with Seth Meyers

May 13

Elizabeth Banks on The Ellen Show

May 14

Rebel Wilson on The Daily Show

Anna Camp on Live! with Kelly & Michael

May 15

Anna Kendrick on The Talk

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The ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Cast Weighs In On Who Will Be The New Spider-Man | MTV News.


Hey guys, so some of you noticed that BeChloe is always beside each other in the trailers of PP2 and I heard that Chloe didn’t graduate and she’s a super senior because she intentionally fails because she wants to stay with Bell©as. Probably because of Beca.. Anyway, so I heard that BeChloe was supposed to be canon in the sequel (actually they were supposedly to be love interests throughout all the Pitch Perfects) but then the producers and director got scared that it might not get good ratings but they were wrong. So Beca got stuck with Jesse, but they did give us a lot of BeChloe moments in the trailers, featurettes, and also in the movie but without a kissing scene. (Sad) Notice how they’re always beside each other, sharing things, in the performances, also check out the featurettes they’re always literally beside each other. I don’t know if it’s just my bombarded BeChloe feels or it’s just like that, but seriously the romantic sexual tension which is hard to cut hits me like a big school bus (lol Regina George lol). Okay, that’s for now I think the crew of PP gave us enough BeChloe moments so thank you then. 

Oh yeah, there’s also a short scene I’m anticipating in PP2, I think Beca and Chloe got into a fight where Beca says, “Screw it, I’m outta here.” and then Chloe retorted with, “Oh so you’re just gonna leave?!” She finally tried to stop her leaving compared to the first movie. I got that idea from someone in tumblr, I can’t find that post anymore so credits to whoever posted that BeChloe fight moment (maybe). AND HALLELUJAH PITCH PERFECT 2 COMES OUT NEXT WEEK, I’M READY FOR ALL THE GAY!


Looks Like Elizabeth Banks Would Be Happy With More Effie!


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