There’s nothing particularly new that James Gruntz' Heart Keeps Dancing brings to the table. We’ve all heard those bleeps and bloops, those repeating vocals; but it’s the way that he uses these things to make his sound wholly unique. The electro-pop/RnB approach sounds absolutely incredible with his voice.

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  1. HWLS x Noah Breakfast - “004" (Moon Bounce Remix)
  2. Bearson - “Pink Medicine" (Manilla Killa Remix)
  3. Odesza - “All We Need" (Haywyre Remix)
  4. Sam Smith - “Lay Me Down" (Pomo Remix)
  5. Odesza feat. Shy Girls - “All We Need" (Beat Connection Remix)
  6. Cherokee - “Teenage Fantasy" (Glen Check Remix)
  7. 5 Reasons - “Midnight Shade
  8.  Polographia - “AM
  9. Caius - “Love You Right
  10. Thundercat - “Without You" (Crowns Remix)
  11. Akiine - “Destiny
  12. Panda Coast - “Bokeh
  13. Benny Boi - “Actually
  14. Home - “Atlas
  15. Airglow - “Spliff & Wesson" (Literature Remix)
  16. Mirror Kisses - “Kill You In Bed
  17. Hawaii94 - “Tonight
  18. Secret Attraction - “Islands
  19. Silk Rhodes - “Wav runner (ethan’s dream)
  20. Indian Wells - “Mountains
  21. Madegg - “Through The Google Ring Sunshine, Splitting Sun
  22. Cafe Lanai - “Lanai
  23. Pvlms - “Secrets
  24. Pat Lok feat. Desirée Dawson - “All In My Head" (Syre Remix)
  25. Janet Jackson - “The Pleasure" (Cygn Remix)
  26. Tom Shorterz - Colours" (Abjo Remix)
  27. Tekdotlun - “If We Keep Falling
  28. Oshi - “Thank You
  29. Kyross - “Fragments
  30. Bkbrown - “Jade
  31. Sam Gellaitry - “Temple
  32. Rgry - “Berries
  33. Fear Club - “Wonder Years
  34. Flamingosis feat. Go Yama - “Cup Of Ramen
  35. Yevrs w/ The Theorist - “寒さ
  36. Hiram x Faxd - “Legroom
  37. Slowun - “Stardust
  38. Harris Cole - “Beneath The Stars
  39. Bhonstro - “Drizzle
  40. Beatboxbandit - “Y.A.A.M.
  41. Pattyperk - “Aquaphor Lips
  42. Aso - “Special.
  43. N’Dea Davenport - “Bring It On" (Fred Simon Remix)
  44. Luviia feat. Mieksneak - “Anahata
  45. Ernst Jr. - “May
  46. Casting - “99RNB
  47. Persona La Ave - “On The Wind That Takes You (((Back Home)))
  48. Garth Knight - “Make You Mine
  49. Aimes - “Harmonique Cosmique" (Beach Version)
  50. She Said Disco - “Found My Light
  51. Harrison feat. Maddee - “You’re Light
  52. Milos - “Today
  53. Cherokee - “Edge
  54. Skylar Spence - “Practice
  55. Skibblez - “The Sure Thing
  56. Ash Reynolds - “All Tonight
  57. Wasted Nights - “She’s Got It
  58. Aloe Island Posse x ID Chief - “Yankees
  59. Vantage - “Dream Island
  60. 私はAnTgryです - “Flight 211
  61. VentureX - “One Way
  62. Floral - “Catwalk
  63. Bbrainz - “Pacific 2.0

[Artwork by Jesse Treece]

Hey everyone,

Is popping back in just getting cheap? I’m sorry I’m so tacky, haha. I thought I’d stop by to let you know that I just made public this wonderful little nugget called Livechat!

It’s a collection of stuff I’ve been doing for the past few years, but there’s some kind of common sonic identity I think. I dunno, it’s not mastered, but I still like it. I’m keeping it a 100% free thing, so you can get it for zero big ones on my bandcamp here.

I thought it was about time to air out some of these old demos. While the song in the background of this announcement isn’t actually on the album, a lot of the stuff from my soundcloud is, and you can listen to some of those there, or on my blog here.

Thanks, and LET’S LIVECHAT.

IAMX - Music People (US Version)

So do you guys now know how to get away with murder? Because I do. Theoretically, anyway.

What I’m saying here is that How To Get Away With Murder is a trip from start to finish and while I think Shonda Rhimes needs to limit her shows to a handful of short, closed-ended seasons, I know she won’t take my excellent advice and HTGAWM will become a bloated hot mess, I’ll probably watch it all anyway. Anyway, here’s Wonderwall… er, Music People.