Another tribute to The True Mayhem painted with my blood
Maxime taccardi “Pure Armageddon”!
The original art is a sculpture called “O Cristo Torturado” (“The Tortured Christ”) by Brazilian sculptor Guido Rocha
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-The Ouija Girl-

The image of this girl first appeared in an 1881 photograph taken by John C. Clairmont in The Atwood Estate of southern Massachusetts. She appeared in the mirror in the background of a Ouija board session involving two sisters and their younger brother. The image appeared in later photographs, all from Ouija board sessions involving exactly 3 people in front of a mirror. The image is seen in photographs from 1913, 1920, 1945, 1968, 1971, and 1989. They all involve a face with one eye wide and one squinting. The above image is a zoomed in version of the original 1881 picture. No one is sure who she is or why she appears in specific Ouija session photos.