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Since you don't want to talk to Loki you should at least write him a letter but I wonder: do you know how to write?

You cannot tell me what I should or should not do, who do you think you are to give me orders? And for the record, I know how to write in every language that exists and that once existed, you uncultured swine.

Nakapasa ako ngayong semester ng...

1. Di masyadong nag-aaral.

2. Puro gala.

3. Easy easy lang.

4. hindi nagrereview sa isa kong subject kasi nakakatamad talga magreview.

5.may scholarship uli ako kay Mayor dahil 2.22 ang gwa ko. :D

Reno rubs the back on his head before looking around. “Okay who the hell is Axel?”, the dragon growled slightly. Sure he did meet some Axels’ but for the sake of his sanity. Why was he compared to him so much? 

“Unless there is another half dragon out there that does have the same build and body type like me. I don’t think I should be compared that easily….”