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Calling out for all Indigos, Light Workers, and Starseeds. I would love for us all to connect and reunite.
One Energy, One Love.

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Walk barefooted amongst the Earth, dance to its rhythmic heartbeat, bury your feet in the warmth of the soil, or the cool of the green grass, frolic in fields of flowers, crunch through leaves and skip along stones. But most importantly feel yourself become whole.
—  HoneyCoyote

Tomorrow is Earth Day. If you are serious about wanting to save the planet, then you need to get acquainted with this guy, whose birthday also happens to fall on April 22: V.I. Lenin.

Recycling, green capitalism, back to nature ain’t gonna cut it. We need socialist revolution, a planned economy, and workers’ power to lift up people and protect nature.

Read Lenin’s  "The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism”


Instead of disappearing into the woods today I decided to cope by harvesting lavender. Gods did it make things easier, it’s impossible to be sad when you are surrounded by the soothing energy of lavender. I spent a good amount of time amongst the field, I whispered songs to the plants and told them of my troubles. I even found some baby praying mantids, they looked almost purple in color. Also there was a ton of honey bees, I haven’t seen that many in awhile, they were all over everything they hung out in the lavender I had collected, and some even hung out on me. I wonder if they could tell I was sad and were trying to make me feel better.

Anyway I figured I would post the pictures of my harvest. I need to think of things to use all this lavender for now.

PHOTOS ARE PROPERTY OF HONEYCOYOTE. Please don’t remove the caption from the photos.

photos taken at our family friends farm the Golden Earthworm Organic Farm,  it is a NOFA-NY certified organic CSA farm with 80 acres of active production.

The Titans

So when a dwarf Inquisitor meets Kieran for the first time, there’s this exchange:

Dwarf Inquisitor: You caught me. And I was trying so hard to be taller.
Kieran: But you can’t be taller. Not without the Titans.

I think this is the first time any Titans are mentioned in the series?

But I don’t think it’s the only time:

This elven writing found in the Arbor Wilds is so old as to be incomprehensible.
There are whispers from the Well of Sorrows. It’s impossible to understand the entire text, but certain parts suddenly reveal a shadow of their original meaning.
In this place we prepare to hunt the pillars of the Earth. Their workers scurry, witless, soulless. This death will be a mercy. We will make the earth blossom with their passing.
For one moment there is a vivid image of two overlapping spheres; unknown flowers bloom inside their centers. Then it fades.

I am 99% sure “pillars of the Earth” is another reference to the Titans.

This makes sense:

  • The dwarves are called Children of the Stone in the old elven tongue, so it makes sense the “pillars of the Earth” might be the creatures who ruled?/created?/protected?/were worshipped by? the dwarves.
  • Dwarves do not dream, therefore they would have been seen contemptible by the Elvhen society, where Dreamers ruled and the ability to walk the Fade set them apart as elite. “Witless” and “soulless” sounds exactly like the kind of racist bullshit the Elvhen would be spewing about the dwarves.

  • And this ties back in with the “song that was sundered”, whatever vague disaster hit the dwarves in the past that began the decline of their society, something that was referenced repeatedly by different characters over the course of the series but never elaborated upon.

So my conclusion is the Elvhen killed the Titans. What assholes.

It also puts Solas’s banter with Varric about the dwarves into horrifying new perspective, doesn’t it?

Solas: Dwarves are the severed arm of a once mighty hero, lying in a pool of blood, undirected. Whatever skill at arms it had, gone forever. Although it might twitch to give the appearance of life, it will never dream.

He sounds so regretful, doesn’t he? Returning to what Kieran said: “You can’t be taller. Not without the Titans.”

And Solas’s own people condemned the dwarves to this fate.

Brewing hot tea is a blend of invocation and harmony of the elements.

Earth, represented by the plants you are brewing.

Water, the medium in which that plants are infuse into.

Fire, heats the water so that the fusion may occur.

Air, the steam and smell rising from the brew.

Like it's his first day on Earth.

Co-worker abruptly stands up, still wearing his old school headphones, and looks around the department smiling.

He’s just standing there at his desk, looking all around the room smiling. I look up at him, and he’s still smiling.

Me [thinking he has personal news to share]: “What?”

Him [still smiling]: “It’s lunchtime.”

as in, since social health is measured by increased consumption and production, you will find monumental stupidity every time you walk outside.

you will walk into a store and see two nearly identical items and one will be marked “cheaper,” “lower cost,” because it was produced in china, or wherever, under inhumane labour conditions . but that is ridiculous because that lower cost is only “true” within the very narrow dimension within which the economy functions.

you cannot domesticate reality.

and here is reality: one container ship emits as much sulphur oxides as roughly 50 million motor vehicles and consumes 345 tonnes of crude oil per day, which means, collectively, only about a dozen ships potentially pollute as much as all ~800 million of earth’s automobiles, per annum.

and there are roughly 90k of just such ships

Is it just me

Or does it seem the more humans incorporate technology into their daily lives the farther removed from their connection to everything they become? The planet needs us to reverse the process of what we’ve done to her.

Seriously. I remember growing up where it was cool how they had volunteer work to clean up the streets, plant trees and do service that assisted in keeping an ecological balance. Do we need to bring back Captain Planet or something? Lol. What’s going on? Is there something I’m missing.

How and why did the shift of attention from our surroundings happen? I swear, the hippie in me is in full force rn. Idk why.