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Translation: “Wishing everyone a happy Chinese Lantern Festival. May your families be together and blessed and that everything goes well for you. And please anticipate exo’s concert, I have prepared a lot of special presents for you all ^^ duang1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ haha”

Credit: 努力努力再努力x. (1Note: “Duang” is a newly created word currently taking over the Chinese internet, a made-up character originating from Jackie Chan who used the sound “duang” while describing a hair product. Netizens created the Chinese character for “duang” using his name (Cheng and Long staked on top of each other). The word itself has no known meaning)

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This one made me laugh pretty hard, but then again a lot of them did. You guys are so clever, LOL. I wish I could just everyone’s the winner.

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Can you do exos reaction to them accidentally touching your boob when you're tickling each other

Hello dear ! 

Sorry this took a while, my exams are killing me slowly and I’m a bit behind on reactions but here you go~

Xiumin: ” That may have been an accident but I’d be glad to do that again if you’d like~ “

Luhan: “Oh god, not only is she going to kill me but I have a visitor to deal with here…”

Kris : ” Touch me over here and I’ll take you to the galaxy~ “

Suho : “Oh my god, that was a boob, jip definitely a boob, nice going Suho,”

Lay: *Instant boner* ” WOAH… OH HOLY FUUU- ! “

Beakhyun: * squeezes * I didn’t mean to ( He’s totally lying btw, just look at this little shitmuffin )

Chen:  ” You,me, bedroom. Now. ” *Jacket off, Chen Junior On*

Chanyeol : *Totally oblivious* ” I did what now? “

Kyungsoo : ” Oh.. s-s-sorry about that…”

Tao : ” Oh my god… that is… I just… woah.. ” *continues holding le boobie*

*get the shit kicked out of him* 

Kai : “That was  a bit awkward… those are nice by the way.” *giggling*

Sehun : ” Do I just… How does this work?! ” * Doesn’t really know what to do now*

Okay, I hope you liked it and that it was close to what you wanted ! I’m off to the interesting world of History now to study for my test tomorrow, have a great day you guys~

~ a very tired Admin A 

SURVEY: Which EXO member will rock the "Call Me Daddy" concept?

ooohhhHHHH WE GETTIN A LIL HOT AND HEAVY!!! (Sadly, Kris and Luhan won’t be in this survey : - ;)Because the comeback is so soon how could I NOT make this the topic for my survey. Just a sidenote, what are your opinions/predictions about the comeback? Feel free to tell me here or on my personal blog~











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have fun~

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Exo reacts to you reacting to Call Me Daddy

Baekhyun: Why are you laughing? It’s not supposed to be funny, it’s supposed to be sexy. You said you like it when i’m sexy


Chanyeol: Why do you look like you’re either about to cry or hit me with something?


D.O: Girl, you know I hate it when you laugh at me!


Kai: Y/N: What is this? Do you seriously expect me to take you seriously after this? I struggled enough after Wolf! Yah! Kim Jongin!



Sehun: Dear God, girl, you’re acting like I just shot your puppy! It’s just a song!


Suho: What’s the big deal? You already call me Daddy anyway!


Chen: I don’t have to put up with your attitude. I’m about to have a come back and loads of girls are going to want me after this

Y/N: Well maybe we should break up so you can go be with those girls instead

Chen: I was only joking, gosh, someone’s sensitive


Lay: (when you don’t say anything for a while)

I see you enjoyed the song so much it has rendered you speechless. I know the feeling

Y/N: Actually it’s because I hate it



Tao: Why is the idea of calling me Daddy so laughable?


Xiumin: Girl, who you trying to kid, I know you secretly love it

EXO's reaction when their fans insult their friend's dream of becoming a writer

Sehun:“Look at me, don’t let it get to you! They’re just jealous because you’re friends with Oh Sehun!”

Kai: *gives you a heart-warming hug* “Come here, now just forget about it! You know that it doesn’t mean anything, they don’t even know you, they’re just jealous of our friendship!”

Tao: *annoyed* “I don’t understand why it affects you this much, just ignore the negative and rude people, I do it all the time!”

Kyungsoo: “Fan or not, if you need me to take care of anyone, you have my number, okay?”

Chanyeol: *sings you a song about how important it is to pursue your dreams no matter what other people think*

Chen: *to the fan that insults you*

Baekhyun: *to the fans* “What the hell? Was this comment really absolutely necessary?”

Lay: *gets emotional* “Why are you like this? Why do you have to insult my friend? She didn’t do anything to you…”

Suho: *starts apologising for his fans* “I’m so sorry! Please, don’t let this affect your dreams of becoming a writer, you are so talented!”

Kris: *takes the fan aside*

Luhan: *tries to cheer you up with his creepiness cuteness*

Xiumin: *starts joking around with you until you forget about it* “Do I need to beat anyone up? Hm? You just say it!”