[CONFIRMED] Facts Regarding Tao’s Current Situation

The amount of false ‘facts’ floating around about this issue is still an extremely large amount, so I thought I would try to list the things that have been confirmed in one post. 


This letter was posted from TAO’s fathers weibo account (it has been confirmed that it is an official account.) The english translation can be found here.


A statement was released from SM stating that officials would be discussing the matter with TAO’s father. (There has been no further statement from SM as of now.) Source.


Baidu’s official statement that they will continue to support TAO through whatever outcome is achieved. Source.


Xiao Ming (TAO’s co-star and close friend) stated in a press conference for My Sunshine that he had talked to TAO about rumours of his departure from EXO over the phone a few weeks prior and TAO had at the time, said there was no truth in them. He then stated that he had once again established contact with TAO. In the proper translation Xiao Ming states that TAO said he may release a statement soon. Source (rough trans).


TAO’s father conducted an interview with SINA regarding his decision for his son and explained in further detail why he had chosen to make this decision. The statement that TAO agreed to leave EXO is false. In the interview, TAO’s father mentions that TAO had agreed to discuss contract termination, nothing moreSource (rough english trans).


Admin’s of Baidu Bar (TAO’s biggest fansite in China) were called for a meeting with SM staff to review the public opinions of SM from people from China. As well as answering the staff’s questions, they breached the subject of rumours circling TAO in China. Staff agreed to release a formal statement from SM to clarify this case, but this statement was never released. Source.


TAO updated his official Weibo. This was the first time TAO has released anything since this issue has arisen. 

Transation: Sorry. (I’m) Thankful


This is so far what has been confirmed regarding this situation. It has not been confirmed that TAO is leaving,  (if I have missed anything or stated something wrong please let me know.) If you would like to know more regarding reasoning behind this, I would recommend checking out the links below.

Full record of TAO’s injuries in the past three years. English trans. Korean trans.

The current state of TAO’s current injury. Source.

Rumours regarding TAO’s current injury and the proper facts. Source.

How TAO got the scar on his knee. Source.

Further info on SM’s mistreatment of TAO. Source.

Please feel free to update as things progress.


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D.O - 150426 Instagram account update: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ이거누가만들었짘ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ경수야 다음작품 가자"

Translation: “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋWho made thisㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋKyungsoo, let’s do this for your next movie”

Translation (poster):
Title: “Doorbell: An uninvited guest”
Slogan: “Open it while I’m asking nicely”1
“Directed by Park Chanyeol & starring Do Kyungsoo”

Credit: real__pcy. (1Note: the exact words said by D.O in this Instagram video)

[FANACC] 150426 Fansign Event

A fan called Baekhyun ‘Oppa’, she also told him that he is actually younger than her, but Baek told her to call him oppa….

She told Baek his OST is awesome, and she have a lot of words to tell Baek. The staff told her to hurry, grabbed her and pushed her and she kept pleading the staff to let her finish talking. Baek saw and told the staff “Please don’t grab her, it’s ok.” and Baek told her to “tell me about it.”


Baekhyun was conversing with a fan by mouthing the words and he stood up half way, but got pressed down by the manager 


A fan gave Baekhyun a doll (BH doll). When Baekhyun saw the doll he said “I really like it” and asked who made it. Fan asked “You really like it?” Baekhyun replies “I really like it”. When Baekhyun and the fan were talking, the staff put the doll in the box. Later on Baekhyun was looking for it. 


Baekhyun said that he’s gonna work on his abs and on November he’s gonna walk around to show it off

A fan gave baekhyun a letter and he tilted his head and said thank you   

Baekhyun coughed into the mic and he was pretending to be sick. he said “take care of me~”



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The OP talks about people wish for Baekhyun to get in an accident and die. They call him “hyum”, bash him, tell him to leave the group. 

Fans gave Baekhyun a nickname ‘Bakgeumi (Bright/Light)’
“How does oppa release stress? I’m curious because you always show us your bright side?
I release stress by always smiling! ^^ I try to smile even when I’m angry; I try to smile even when I have a hard time. And I have to smile so that when people around me see me, they will find energy from me!^^ Because I’m Bakgeumi!!!”

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Exo reaction when you ask for a piggyback ride

Sehun:*brat hun in action* I don’t you not to wear those heels today, you didn’t listen, now you suffer. 

Kai: My back hurts also, wouldn’t it be fun if you would give me a piggyback ride?

Tao:*you try to jump on his back but end up falling on your ass* What are you trying to do? get both of us kiss the ground? are you okay?

Kyungsoo:*when you jump on his back so sudden* Ahhhhh my back! I think something snapped, I HEARD IT!

Chanyeol:*try to jump but you fall on the side so he puts you down* Yah you brat are you trying to scare me? now hop on! *ends up giving you a piggyback ride*

Chen:*you are still clinging on his neck even tho your legs are on the ground* What are you doing? get down…..or hop on normally!

Baekhyun:*plays with you*  No no no, I’m not letting you do that.Not for free. You should give me a big kiss…

Lay: Hop on!

Suho:*cheesy suho comes to the surface* Ofc I can do that for you, now hop on babe. 

Kris:*pretends that he is dropping you* 

Luhan:*you are wearing a dress so the princess style is a must* Oh god I think I’m getting old.

Xiumin:*turns to look at you* Is it better this way than walking on your own?