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Induratize [Part One // Kai]

{{ verb // to make one’s heart hardened or resistant to someone’s pleas or advances or to the idea of love }}

He’s far from being Romeo.


You suppose everyone in this class has gone insane by now. Because, for once, you are nearly driven to madness by the monotonous tone of your English teacher, Mr. Lee. To put it shortly, he is an unmarried, stout, balding man in his fifties who enjoys secretly watching reruns of “My Girl” from his desk and wearing suspenders as well as horn-rimmed glasses.

But, here you are; once again, he is explaining the oh-so-tragic story of Romeo and Juliet—how they would rather die than live without each other: the act of true love. Well, you don’t know what’s going through his decrepit mind, but you thought that story was a bit sketchy, even though you live for romance novels.

As he drones on and on about Romeo and Juliet and their undying love (no pun intended), you mentally make a list of how stupid that story is.

1. Juliet was thirteen, and Romeo was sixteen. And, they even did had sex at that age. Gross.

2. Romeo basically went up to a complete stranger and made out with her.

3. He also married a girl he met less than three days ago.

4. Romeo was some sort of stalker; he hid under her balcony and watched her.

5. He gets over girls really quickly, too. He was all upset over Rosaline until he sees some hot thirteen-year-old.

6. But, they were both wearing masks since it was a masquerade party, so how did he know she was attractive anyway?

7. Romeo and Juliet were too impulsive, which ended with them both committing suicide.

8. The whole story took place in less than one week. Like damn, what’s the rush?

Basically, if Romeo could have just held it in his pants, six people would still be living.

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So I’ve had a few people ask me about scenarios, so I’m happy to announce I’ll be doing those as well. I’m not that experiences when it comes to writing, but bear with me at first 😂
Tell me which members you want (1-3) and give me a bit of detail about it. Also please no 18+ requests! So please feel free to send in a request. Also, send in reactions/ships as well, because my ask box is almost empty 😞

anonymous asked:

Ship for EXO M and EXO K pls! 5'1, pale, blonde with green eyes. Kind of curvy. Love soccer, music, video games and movies. I'm a very stubborn person, with a strong personality. I have strong oppiniones. I always speak my mind. At the same time I love to just joke around and have fun. My dream is to be able to live life to the fullest!

I ship you with

Chanyeol from EXO K


and Yixing from EXO M


chanyeol seems like he would like a strong personality so long as she was able to have fun along with it. with lay, as i said before, i think he’d work well with someone sort of his opposite so that they could learn from each other. they’d like your simplistic views on happiness. :>