Brad Truax is a hero

These 5 where barely legal when they were introduced to this destructive satanic business called music industry and have been put under spotlight for 4 years now. They have been there for 4 years and yes agreed, learned more about it and matured year by year but that doesnt change the fact that they have been in this intoxicating environment surrounded by people who see them as a “”product”” to make money, people who manipulate them and REFUSE to educate them on the serious matter in society. They have ALL literally ALL made bloody offensive remarks or acted ignorant in the past, that doesnt mean they are dumb no these are smart and lovely boys I’m sure of it. They didnt had the normal teenage phase any other teenager their age had and being surrounded by ADULTS who only have money and business in their minds who promise you the moon and the stars is a dangerous mix.
I AM IN NO WAY justifying their actions no they are old enough to think about it AND APOLOGIZE (which they for some reason whatever it is never do and that is fucking frustrating as hell because they NEED to be educated and no one literally no one seems to do it in these 4 years time i fucking wonder why)
It’s just a pity that many fans use these kinds of things as a chance to attack the boys (especially Louis) rather than see and acknowledge how AND WHY it’s bad. It’s almost like they’re happy these stuff happen. That’s the fandom psychology i guess, youre gonna try to be funny/popular and “”“”drag”“” someone, call them names to proof how stupid they are rather than show and educate them and other people WHY it’s bad what they’ve done.
All I can do is apologize to those who have felt bad/offended by anything these boys have said or done in the past. I’m sorry you have to go through this I’m sorry the mainstream media/ music industry THE SOCIETY is encouraging and feeding these sorts of things I’m sorry if your fave has ever disappointed you


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