I really want to try my hands on another Bachelor Challenge...

But since I have all the spouses for future Dreams, it wouldn’t be a Heir BC, but I could do one with a spare……….

so i was sitting painting this morning and suddenly wondered what that massive noise was bc it was TOO RAINY for aeroplanes 2 be flying low overhead u feel… turns out it wAS A HELICOPTER AND MY SCHOOL MADE THE NEWS AND SO DID THE KNEE HIGH PUDDLE IN THE PRIMARY SCHOOL THAT I WADED THROUGH THIS MORNING OMG LOOK

One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is how annoying it is when people ask if I’m a vegetarian, or if my parents are. In the grand scheme of things it’s a fairly harmless question and doesn’t contribute to any terrible stereotypes (that I can think of, but feel free to correct) so I’m not gonna call it offensive. But I always wonder if they would ask me that if I were white.

Especially since it just shows a lack of awareness. I’m Sikh, not Hindu, and I’m not baptized, so I don’t abide by vegetarianism. Many Sikhs who are baptized still eat meat. My mom said it’s not even banned in our Holy Book, technically. Which I wouldn’t expect the average person to know, which is why I don’t think it’s offensive.

But, once again, if I were white – would a stranger ask me that question? I just don’t think so.

I’m dying my sister’s playing GTA and she bumped into a prostitute and the prostitute said something in Samoan, but she didn’t know coz she hadn’t heard that word before and not even 2 seconds later, my mom barreled into the room like “WHO SAID THAT?!?!?” 😂😂😂

i had an amazing day… i spent a lot of time shopping and hanging out with my mom and she even said, “this is nice, we should do this more often, just me and you” and she got me some REALLY cute clothes and some stuff from lush and it was fun!!

and my girlfriend took me to a japanese hotpot for dinner where she surprised me!! a bunch of my friends were there to have dinner with us and it was just a ton of fun…

i had a great day and i’m really glad to have had such a nice 20th birthday it was real nice…………..

Can’t wait to show Taylor nation the posts diagon-alli is making about me meeting Taylor. It ain’t gonna happen. So many more people are going that deserve it. Even my mom said that getting into loft 89 is impossible…I should sleep before I hit post limit.

every. fucking. time. Im going to get my haircut, my parents say “that doesnt look good on a girl” and shame me. every fucking time i tell them it makes me feel bad. this time my mom even said “obviously you dont feel bad enough because youre still doing it.” like literally their goal is to make me feel bad enough to conform to what they want???? what the fuck???? i am so sick of this, nothing i ever do is right, or good. how could a parent make their child feel bad like this. why do they want me to feel bad about myself.