your kind of hides worth

RSAVW     Rots out
RSONL     Worthless and cracks out

DLZYP     Have you any ideas on this subject
BDAEH     Are there any more to be had

BDASV     Anything
BDATW     Anything in it
BDAUX     Is there anything in it
HOXYS     Is there anything new

JIEJA     Scarce and wanted

HOZBR     If not quite
HOZCS     If not when

NBACE     Nothing wrong

NBADF     Nothing wrong with
NBAEG     Something wrong

NATMZ     Your kind of hides worth

ex Private Telegraphic Code of Swift & Company. Peterson Cipher Code Corporation, 1931

Lunch is healthy vegetable fried rice with carrots, green pepper, egg, rice and mushroom! Wheres the rice you ask? Look closer! Its black rice! I dont like bland foods, and white rice happens to be on that list, BUT black rice has this nutty rich flavor… totally different! Plus it has more antioxidants than blueberries so thats a plus! 😜🍛🍚🍳