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The KeyBiner by Fortius Arms out of Erie, PA puts together many useful EDC ideas into one compact package. At its heart, it’s a carabiner bolstered with tools like a bottle opener, wrench slots and a stepped prybar/screwdriver. The KeyBiner’s secret, however, is the use of screws and hardware to add a key management system on its rear. It accommodates up to 14 keys or compatible tools like a USB flash drive. There’s plenty of time left to pledge for your own KeyBiner in your choice of copper, aluminum, or titanium, with extra choices for finish and hardware.



My CZ-USA Scorpion EVO 3 S1 with Special Operations Equipment Single Point Bungee Sling, Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot, Sig P320 Carry 9mm, Benchmade 42 Bali-Song, & Andre De Villiers Mini Butcher from

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Concealed Carry EDC - Everyday Carry Submitted By: LimaGreen Submitted by Jason

Recently I got rid of some old friends, and said hello to some new ones — items, that is. I like to keep it simple with high quality everyday tools that make life a little simpler. Thanks for looking at my stuff!

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Nice pair. Distance and volume. Haha
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Recent Additions:

The newest version of the Vinyl case is available in The Store. This is a much more refined version and still fits perfectly into a wallet or shoe. It can even help with a small cache in locations around the home, office or hotel should the need arise.

Other up and coming additions include the mini screwdriver, we will of course be ordering more of the 14mm SERE compass with Lanyard, in stock is the Microcord in 2mm, as well as the multi purpose Tubing, and a host of other new items we will be adding very soon. 

The Firesteels we now offer with our packages have continued to receive positive feedback and as such we will be offering them as standard. We still strive to monitor our products and where possible find one to exceed our current range. This careful attention to detail allows us to offer you the best products at all times.

For these items and more you may have not yet seen please browse the Law Industries Store. Submitted by Everyday Carry

Who doesn’t like a little glow in their lives?  I think that may be what Ziiiro is hoping for with the release of the Metalic version of the Ziiiro Eclipse.  The updated version offers one completely new color and new stainless mesh straps on their two hand watch which uses a ring of lume to illuminate the time, and a bit of your night life…

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New Outfit ~ Hot Pink, Purple, Blue Multi Color Fur ~ Rave Bra, Skirt and Collar ~ Available here :

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