Preorder Majora’s Mask 3D collector’s edition guide

The Majora’s Mask 3D hardware bundle for the New 3DS XL might be impossible to reserve, but you can preorder this collector’s edition of the 352-page guide from Amazon now, currently priced at $25.25 ($10 off its list price).

The standard guide is just $5 cheaper, though it doesn’t feature the gold oil stamped hardcover, gilded pages, or sheet of “Character Clings” (stickers?). Both editions feature labeled maps, item chcklists, detailed walkthroughs, and a detailed monsters and enemies section.

The Prima guide will release alongside the 3DS game on February 13.

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Club Nintendo shutting down ⊟

Nintendo will close its loyalty-rewards program across all regions this year, as it prepares to introduce a new program later in 2015. The company introduced Club Nintendo to North America more than six years ago, allowing people who purchased its products to redeem coins/stars for digital and physical rewards.

North American members will be able to earn coins through the end of March and redeem them until the end of June. Nintendo intends to offer new physical reward options next month, as well as downloadable 3DS/Wii U games to members who reach Elite status by the end of March.

One last bonus for Club Nintendo members — animation app Flipnote Studio 3D is finally releasing in North America, and Club Nintendo members will get it for free next month. More on this in the next post!


Here’s the new Zelda Wii U footage ⊟

Series creator Shigeru Miyamoto and director Eiji Aonuma demonstrate quite a bit in this video — the game’s huge overworld, map junk on the GamePad, hassle-free horse-riding, slow-motion mid-jump arrow-shooting, and more! It’s still coming out next year, as will a new Star Fox Wii U game. Put your preorder in for The Legend of Zelda (Wii U) here. :o)

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"[on her "Game of Thrones" character] I felt for Daenerys. I felt for her situation as a woman. Being in such a male-dominated society, where she was being abused by the men around her - it was that sort of sympathy, I suppose it started off as that. But then as you track her story, the problems that she overcomes and the way that she deals with them with such grace and the way that she deals with them when she has no training. The only thing that she has is herself and her iron will - that’s just a fabulous, incredible side to her character, really. And the fact that you watch her fall in love. You know, she meets the man that she loves more than anything else. She goes through painful events but she is still this strong, independent woman. And I think that, as a female, is what I really connected with."

Foi quando estava deitado olhando os ponteiros do relógio, que me dei conta: quando não se sabe o que fazer com sua vida, cada segundo que passa é uma tortura.
—  Efeito Colateral.