Submitted my Static redesign for Dwayne McDuffie Week at Project: Rooftop! :D Though only last night when I was coloring this did I realize that the one whose costume REALLY needs redesigning is GEAR. I wish the thought had occurred to me earlier so I could’ve submitted both ;__;

Anyway, notes on the design: I actually am rather fond of Static’s official costume (esp. the 2nd/latest one) and I love how functional, simple and stylistically distinctive it is. It’s a bit ‘hood, and a bit tough, without being pretentious or silly. I definitely wanted to keep that tough, streetwise feeling but update it so it’s more 2011: zip up sweatshirt with an oversized collared hood, cargo pants, hi-top sneakers, sports shades. The long overshirt thing’s a bit silly but I wanted him to still have something billowy that isn’t a coat. Shortened his dreads to be more manageable/sensible, and the way I see it, when he changes into Static he “charges up” once all over and his hair would Super Saiyan a little bit. The gloves have metallic (aluminum based?) pads on the palms and undersides of fingers cuz, well if you think about it, leather/rubber/latex are insulators, no? Why on earth would he wear gloves made out of insulating material? Yes I know it’s a fool’s errand to try to incorporate ~physics~ into the world of comics but this stuck out to me so I fixed it.