Duncan says things

I want to learn to talk more.

I want to learn to seek support when it would help me.

I want to learn to worry less.

I want to learn to not avoid the challenges my work present to me.

I want to regain more control over what I spend my time doing.

I want to learn to trust the people I have and not feel so alone at times.

I want to feel better about myself.

Oh hey, I have 555 Followers now!

Hurray for the 5-iest number of followers I’ll have either ever or for a long, long time!

So, since I ended up putting off posting about when I got 500 followers until I forgot about it, ever since then I’ve been thinking that I would ask everyone if there was anything they wanted to see more of on this blog (GPOYs, personal posts, specific subject matters, etc.?) or if there was anything that people wanted to request me to work more on (like learning something on piano and record it, or to sing something, or draw something or kind of artsy/fun/what have you kind of challenge/request) send me a message and ask me about it :)

Also if you want to, message me and get to know me better and let me get to know you better?

Anyways, I love you all, and thank you all once again for following me <3

Hey, if any of you guys want to talk to me

you should do it :D

My skype username is “kagaze” (though if it’s not obvious from your picture or username letting me know who you are like with your blog url might help avoid any possible confusion), and there’s always the ol’ tumblr inbox.  I’m also on other social media things, but at least for now they’re still on an “ask me personally for the info, and you will most likely get it” basis (and having talked to me before on here also helps for this one).

anonymous asked:

Do you keep a more personal blog, also?

Naw, I’ve never happened to make one >.>

But I do talk more about personal stuff in private messages with someone if they’re interested to hear  (I guess I just never really got in the habit of talking about that kind of stuff publicly and taking up that kind of space/attention very often..?)

But yeah, if you’re curious to learn more about me personally, send me a message? :D